10 Awesome And Helpful Vinegar Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life!

These ideas are brilliant and has simplified my life so much! When I learn things like this I always want to share them with everybody! Vinegar is truly a miracle solution.

Tip #1: Unclog a sink by using vinegar and baking soda. I wish I’d known this a few weeks ago!

Tip #2: Remove sticky residue that stays behind when you remove tape from a wall. He sprays vinegar on the sticky spot and lets it sit for a few minutes, then easily wipes it away.

Tip #3: Remove odor from your trash can after you’ve removed your trash. He saturates a piece of bread with vinegar and lets it sit in the bottom of the trash can over night. The smell is completely removed! I’ve had this issue and sprayed air freshener in the trash can, but to no avail, the smell is still there. I’m so happy to have a simple solution to this problem!

Tip #4:  All purpose cleaner…Fill a spray bottle with 1/3 vinegar, fill the rest of the bottle with water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, making a highly effective cleaner for your bathroom and kitchen.

Tip #5:  Get rid of pesky fruit flies by filling a small cup with vinegar, cover top with saran wrap and poke some holes in the top…the flies will enter and never leave.

Tip #6:  Remove wrinkles from clothes by adding one part vinegar and 3 parts water to a spray bottle and mist the clothing and let it hang for a few minutes and after drying most of the wrinkles will be flattened out.

Tip #7:   If your cat is scratching the furniture, just mist where they are scratching and this will eliminate that issue. Cats hate vinegar!

Tip #8:  Tired of those lovely flowers dying so quickly? Pour a little apple cider vinegar and water into the vase and they will last longer.

Tip #9:  Having a problem getting your glasses clean? Grab a soft cloth and add a little vinegar and it will remove dirt, smudges and stains, leaving your glasses crystal clear and shiny.

Tip #10:  Having trouble removing some hard to clean stains from pans, simply add a cup or two of vinegar and the same amount of water. Bring it to a boil for about 5 minutes and it will be good as new.

Watch this step by step tutorial by Household Hacker and save yourself some time and money!



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