10 Beauty Techniques That Will Change Your Life (Watch!)

A lot of us need a little help in the beauty department and this gal shows us some great techniques for making our life easier and we won’t have to try so hard!

These are some great tips and tricks for cutting the time it takes for us to apply our makeup, plus she shows us several ways to save money that we’re spending on expensive makeup. I got pretty excited about some of these tips and thought you might enjoy these as much as I did!

One tip she suggests, I still haven’t tried yet. She applies her foundation and then dousing my face with baby power. The next thing she does is she dunks my face in ice water. That’ll wake you up better than a cup of coffee, right? I wanna try it, but haven’t gotten the nerve up to do that yet! I’m definitely gonna do this though…minus the mascara!

She’s also got a brilliant money saving idea for a face primer that you’ve gotta see! This idea would have never occurred to me, thus the gratitude for all of the great money saving DIY ideas available to us! She even shows us some great tips for keeping our makeup organized!

Make sure to watch The Talko’s money saving ideas in her tutorial attached below! She’s got some fabulous ideas that you’ll definitely benefit from!



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