10 Clever Kitchen Hacks To Try Right Now (Watch!)

Don’t you love all the time saving tips available to us? I particularly liked this video and have already done a few of these great ideas.

A few of these I have struggled with…especially peeling eggs! He shows us a couple of ways to do this and it never occurred to me to do this. I love deviled eggs, but always dread having to peel them….especially if the eggs are new.

Thankfully, we have a solution to your egg quandary,  plus quick fixes to tons of other food prepping, cooking, and baking predicament, from pitting a cherry to softening butter the easy way. We’ve hacked your kitchen—prepare to have your mind blown (even if just a little bit).

There’s always a simple solution for everything. Take a look at these amazing, yet simple tricks for every day stuff that will save you tons of time!

My Mom eats a lot of cherries and when I saw this brilliant way for removing the pits, I had to send her this video by the Household Hacker. It was just too clever not to share! And, this video is too clever not to share with you!

Whether you’re a master chef or more of a frozen meal type, you could probably use some time saving tips in the kitchen. Watch how the Household Hacker does these things in these clever tricks in his video so you can start saving some time in the kitchen too!

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