10 Incredible Storage And Organization Ideas That Would Never Occur To You!

I was really surprised when I watched the video tutorial I’ve attached below. The organization and storage ideas are brilliant and what he uses are items that would have never occurred to me to use to get organized or for storage solutions.

There are a few ideas in this video that are my favorites. For instance…I love the way he uses a towel bar to put his watches on (featured in post photo). Would you have ever thought of this? I know I wouldn’t have!

Also, the way he connects two cookie racks and hangs them on the wall to attach his favorite photos to is so clever. I definitely did this one and hung it above my desk in my home office…it’s brilliant! This is also a great way to see reminders of things you need to do. Just attach your reminders to it!

You can buy all of these supplies at the dollar store and not be out much money to create a great solution. This is why I love DIY projects. People think of the most clever things to do!

Adam Atkins shares these simple things to save you space and get you organized in his step by step tutorial so you can get started doing the same!


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