10 Tips And Tricks That Will Simplify Every Woman’s Life. Watch!

This gal shares some brilliant tips for making our lives easier and we all know that anything to simplify our busy lives is always welcome, right? You will find the most nifty and unusual life hacks and creative ideas to make your life easier in this video.

I had seen a couple of these, but I was so glad I watched because I picked up some great tips and tricks that I have already put to use. I just love things like this and when I see them I wonder why I didn’t think of that!

She does some really clever tricks with panty hose, believe it or not. I never knew that panty hose had so many uses for them.

I especially love the idea of attaching a piece of hose to the end of your vacuum tube, with a rubber band, so when you’ve dropped jewelry and need to pick it up from some inconvenient places where you can’t quite reach.

It also never occurred to me to cut the top off of panty hose to put over a trash can to hold the trash bag and keep it from falling into my trash can…pretty nifty!

Check out the attached video so you can see some of these cool tips and tricks and apply them in your life. They will save you some time!



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