100 Best Back to School DIY Ideas

Impress your friends and show off your creativity with these back to school DIY ideas. These school supply DIY ideas will get you excited about going back to school! You can make your own personalized pencils, notebooks, organizers and more.

For these back to school DIY Ideas, you may need:

  • ruler
  • scissors
  • paint brushes (including foam brushes)
  • tape
  • pencil
  • craft knife
  • glue

Notebook Back to School DIY Ideas

Back to School DIY Notebooks
notebooks + scrapbook paper + acrylic paint + Mod Podge (optional)

Free Printable Watercolor Notebook Covers
composition book + watercolor printable + mod podge + washi tape (optional)

Back to School DIY Binder Folder
Kraft  binder + pink paint + cyan ink + masking tape

Gold Dipped Notebook
scrapbook paper + computer paper + PVA glue + gold leaf kit + tape

Marble and Copper Stationary
notebook + marble self & brush copper self adhesive vinyl + copper wire + wire cutters + pliers

Chalkboard Notebooks
notebooks + Cricut Explore + Cricut weeding tool + chalkboard vinyl + chalk

DIY Ombre Journals

DIY Marble Stationary
painter’s tape + white stationary + shaving cream + food coloring

Heart Design Journal
gold metallic sharpie + heart stencil or wood shape

Fuzzy Colorful Notebook (source unknown)
pipe cleaners in various colors + note book + glue
You can get the pipe cleaners at Dollar Tree

Free Printable Student Binder
3-Ring Binder + dividers + clear sleeves + hole punch + labels + printer

Fabric Notebook
notebook + fabric + glue stick + craft glue + scissors

Washi Tape Pencils and Notebooks
washi tape + craft knife + notebooks + pencils + white label paper

DIY Triangle Collage Notebook
Notebook + glue stick + mod podge + magazine/photo clippings

DIY Customizable Notebooks
notebooks + paper + pencil + Mod Podge + washi tape + sharpie

Free Printable Binder Cover Templates

DIY Batman Notebook
gold leaf kit + notebook + stencil + black acrylic paint

Chalkboard Notebook 
composition notebook + chalkboard paint + chalk + foam brush

DIY Harry Potter Notebook
notebook + free printable covers + glue stick + X-Acto Knife + lightweight cardstock

DIY Mini Notebook from a Cereal Box
cereal box + paper + decorative paper  + glue stick + needle + embroidery floss + button

Other School Supply DIY Ideas

Binder Clip DIY
binder clips + fabric tape/washi tape + spray paint

DIY Tic Tac Case
Tic Tac case + gold spray paint + gold craft paint + wooden dowel
You could use this to hold school supplies like paper clips or push pins!

DIY Marble Pencil Holder
empty can + marble contact paper

Gold Marble Pencil Holder
glass cup + popsicle sticks + liquid gilding

pencilcupGold Foiled Pencil Cup
double sided tape + gold foil + glass tumbler

DIY Chunky Tassel Bookmark
yarn + cardboard + cardstock + Mod Podge + hole puncher

DIY Bookmarks
scrapbook paper + stickers + glue stick + paper cutter + hole punch + yarn and twine + laminator and laminator sheets
Money Saving Tip: You can get them laminated at your local public library for free or a small fee ($0.50)

DIY Gold Brushed Clipboards
plain clipboard + washi tape + craft paint + gold leaf kit

Glitter Pencils
pencils + glitter + mod podge

Anthropologie Inspired Pencils
tissue paper + Mod Podge

Confetti Pencils
pencils + white spray paint + painter’s tape + Hole reinforcement labels + acrylic paint

Washi Tape Pencils
pencils + washi tape + scissors

Heart Paper Clips

DIY Painted Pencils
multi-surface acrylic craft paints + pencils + washi tape + fine tip sharpie marker

Marker Holder
cardboard shoe box + toliet paper rolls + circle stickers

Bright Neon Pens
brightly colored paper + printer + free patterns + clear, plastic pens + paper cutter

Glittery Graphic Pencil Case
pencil cases + paint + label paper + mod podge + glitter or confetti + printable stencils

DIY Pencil Case Using Cereal Box
A empty cereal box + patterned fabric + felt + e6000 Glue + velcro + craft knife

Knotted Zipper Pencil Pouch
free pattern + fabric + lightweight interfacing + zipper

DIY Pencil Pouch
sharpies+ canvas pencil bag + a scrap of plastic

Watercolor Backpack DIY
All you need is a white backpack and fabric markers!

DIY Notebook Sewn Canvas Tote 
canvas tote + sewing machine + blue thread + red embroidery thread + needle

Button Paper Clip Bookmarks
button + paperclips + glue + felt

Organization Back to School DIY Ideas

Cereal Box Desk Organizer
decorate the boxes with wrapping paper, decorative tape or fabric

Organizers from Cereal Boxes
washi tape or patterned duct tape + cereal box

Paper Organizer
colored cardstock + adhesive + bookboard

DIY Striped Bookends 
wood glue + 1×5 board + wood filler  + white & black paint + painter’s tape

Crayon Organizer
crayons + mini cans of veggies + balsa wood + wood glue + spray paint + scrapbook paper

DIY Tin Can Desk Storage

Painted Storage Boxes
acrylic paint + patterning tape + white spray paint + wood box

Highlighter Organizer

Milk Jug School-Supply Container
spray paint + 1-gallon plastic jug +  X-acto knife, washi tape + foam board + chalkboard label

Homework Caddy
You can get a caddy for $1 at Dollar Tree

Succulent and Supply Holder  (source unknown)

DIY Geometric Bowls
Scrapbook paper + scissors + glue + folding template

DIY Animal Bookends
wood blocks + wood glue + $1 plastic toy animals + gold spray paint

Back To School Paper Clutter Organization

DIY Dry Erase Board
8×10 picture frame + patterned masking tape  + dry erase markers
You can get all these items at Dollar Tree

Geometric Pinboard DIY
noticeboards + lavender spray paint + pink spray paint + masking tape

Cookie Sheet Magnetic Memo Board
metal primer + spray paint + fabric + mod podge

Corkboard Flower Push Pins
cork board + fabric + fake flowers + push pins + glue gun

DIY Paint Chip Calendar
large picture frame + paint swatches + tape + dry erase marker

Over The Shoe School Supply Organizer

Jelly Jar Storage
jelly jars + nail and hammer

Electronics Back to School DIY Ideas

Earphone Holder
empty mint containers + fabric + circle punch + mod podge + key ring and clip

DIY Embroidery Headphones


Earphone Cord Holder
air dry clay + heart cookie cutter + alphabet stamp + acrylic paint

washi-cellHerringbone Cell Phone Cover
washi tape + phone case

DIY Glam Mousepad

DIY Floral Mousepad
fabric mod podge + round cork board  +  fabric

Washi Tape Charger Organizer

Binder Clip Cable Organizer

Cord Labels (source unknown)
wash tape + sharpie + scissors + power strip

DIY Charging Station
ribbon box + power strip + utility knife

No Sew Lap Desk DIY
wood lap desk top + foam square + fabric + trim + fabric glue + staple gun

Leather Cord Roll Up Organizer
fake (or real) leather + snap buttons + xacto knife

DIY iPad Cover from Composition Notebook

DIY iPad Case
bubble mailer + fabric +  buttons + needle & thread + ribbon

Locker Back to School DIY Ideas

Locker Emoji Magnets 
round magnets + yellow spray paint + Sharpie paint pens

DIY Magnetic Pen Holder
Eclipse mint tins + spray paint + magnets + E6000 glue

Shopping Bag Organization

Magnetic Cereal Box Bin for Locker
empty cereal box + glue + scrapbook paper + magnets

Circle Cork Board
cork board + wood discs + craft paint + adhesive

DIY Duck Tape Locker Pockets
chipboard + solid and patterned duct tape + adhesive gems + extra-strong magnetic strips + hot glue gun and glue sticks
Dollar Tree has a. good selection of decorative duct tape

Gold Magnetic Letters DIY
magnetic letters + plastic primer spray paint + gold spray paint

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