Thursday, December 7

14 Genius Egg Cooking Hacks That Will Change The Way You Eat Breakfast Forever!

Does it seem like you always have a question about eggs? Well, I usually do. It’s usually about how long to cook them and the best way to cook them without over or under cooking.

This guy shows us some amazing quick and easy egg tricks that will probably surprise you. Eggs should be one of the easiest things to cook. Yet, you manage to mess them up all the time.

I love eggs; they might be one of the most used ingredients in our home. They’re so darned versatile, and in my opinion they are one of the many foods and ingredients that all aspiring cooks should seek to understand.

He tells us that eggs are actually full of vitamins, proteins and antioxidants. They also help you to lose wait and gain muscle, even improving your brain.

I don’t know half of their capabilities, but the half I have learned has increased my own cooking abilities quite a bit. Eggs are awesome packets of nutritional goodness and when used in cooking can be eaten as they are, added as an ingredient, or even brought in at the end as a finishing touch. I learned a lot about cooking eggs by watching this clever video and wanted to share it with you guys!

I especially love #12 and the brilliant way he cooks a poached egg. Poached eggs are my favorite way to eat eggs!

Watch how the Household Hacker does these clever tricks with eggs and it will make your life easier!



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