20 Easy DIY Closet Ideas that’ll love

Let’s face it, closets can be downright messy. It just feels good to open your closet and know right where everything is. Find some great DIY closet organizing ideas below.

1. DIY Organization Entry Closet

DIY Closet Ideas Organizing

How to Nest For Less got tired of having their shoes in laundry baskets in their closet. They were inspired to add some shelving and stylish baskets to give the closet a makeover. It turned out so clean and organized. See how they did it.

2. Organizing Closet Clutter

Organizing Closet Clutter

Jen at IHeart Organizing had several concerns with her armoire closet and decided it was time to update. She revamped how she had it and now it is organized and beautiful. Check here to be inspired by her ideas.

3. Make Your Own Painted Hangers

Make Your Own Painted Hangers

Angela at Hometalk shares how she believes that part of being organized is also keeping it pretty. So she was inspired to give her hangers a makeover. The look awesome!  Update your closet.

4. Day Of The Week Closet Organizers

Day Of The Week Closet Organizers

Make My Life Lovely was worried about rushed mornings before school. She decided it would be a great idea to make some day of the week closet organizers. This will make the mornings much smoother. Try it yourself.

5. DIY Sunglass Organizer

DIY Sunglass Organizer

Cupcakes and Cashmere had several pairs of sunglasses that kept getting misplaced. She figured it was a better idea to make a sunglass organizer. She how she did it here.

6. Build Your Own Closet Organizer

Build Your Own Closet Organizer

Tom Builds Stuff shares his plans that he developed for a smaller closet space. Having an organizer like this can save you lots of valuable space. Give it a try.

7. DIY Closet Shelving

DIY Closet Shelving

Over at Design Build Love, they realize that every closet is different sizes and there is no one size fits all when it comes to organization. They share their closet shelving plans that can be customized to fit your space. See their plans here.

8.Build Your Own Industrial Closet

Build Your Own Industrial Closet

Ana White gives some fantastic instructions on how to build your own industrial-style closet. If you have a home that didn’t come with bedroom closets, this would be perfect. It looks cool and is completely organized and functional. How she did it.

9. DIY Custom Shelving

DIY Custom Shelving

Imperfectly Polished has some great advice on how to make the most out of your closet space with custom closet shelving. This is a fantastic DIY beginner project. Start transforming your closet now.

10. Baby Closet Makeover

Baby Closet Makeover

Rachel at This Is Our Bliss wanted to update the closet for the nursery. The old closet was boring and didn’t have any shelving. Check out how she transformed it.

11. DIY Flip Flop Hanger

DIY Flip Flop Hanger

Over at Epbot they give some great tips on how to make your closet more user-friendly and organized when you have a bunch of flip-flops. They turned a cramped closet into an organized shoe haven. See for yourself.

12. Organizing Your Linen Closet

Organizing Your Linen Closet

A Bird and a Bean shows us how to update the look of a messy linen closet with some simple baskets, labels, and strings. This is such a great idea and is wonderful if you are on a budget. Get your linen closet organized.

13. DIY Kid Closet Transformation

DIY Kid Closet Transformation

Bethany at Reality Daydream shares how they made some simple changes to create a fantastic organized kids closet. Her tips are easy to follow and make the space look great. See her easy tutorial here.

14. Build Your Own Closet Sliders

Build Your Own Closet Sliders

Kelly at View Along the Way had many scarves and belts and needed a way to organize them. She made some closet sliders in just 5 easy steps. They turned out awesome! Give it a try.

15. DIY Tie Rack

DIY Tie Rack

Instructables was running out of space for ties in their small apartment closet. He tried the store bought tie rack, but it just didn’t fit his needs so he made his own. This inexpensive and homemade tie rack was just wanted he needed. See how he did it.

16. Drab to Fab Custom Master Closet

Drab to Fab Custom Master Closet

Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer wanted to update her master bedroom closet. Her old closet was plain and wasn’t easy to organize. She decided to give it a facelift and it looks fabulous. Update your closet.

17. Stylish Cleaning Closet

Stylish Cleaning Closet

Melissa at Polished Habitat had a coat closet that became a catch-all for coats and cleaning supplies. She decided she wanted a space dedicated to cleaning supplies. It’s so functional and turned out great!

18. Closet Makeover

Closet Makeover

Kris at Driven by Decor was tired of her bulky and awkward bi-fold closet doors. She updated the entire closet by making some easy changes. The end results are a beautiful closet with lots of space. See what it looks like.

19. DIY Closet Shelving

DIY Closet Shelving

Calyx and Corolla had a closet with no shelving and it was so hard to keep neat and organized. After updating it with DIY shelving they have an organized space. Make your own shelves.

20. Build Your Own Industrial Style Closet

Build Your Own Industrial Style Closet

DIY Diva built developed a plan and built an industrial closet that is so gorgeous. The pipes paired with the wooden shelves make it a modern and fabulous spaceBuild an industrial style closet.

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