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200 Best Whole30 Recipes

This is the ULTIMATE collection of the best whole30 recipes. From breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, snacks and appetizers, there are plenty of delicious whole30 recipes to choose from all month long! These whole30 compliant recipes are so good that you won’t even know you’re on a diet!

Breakfast Whole30 Recipes

  1. Paleo Breakfast Casserole {Whole30} from Paleo Running Momma
  2. Eggs and Bacon in Sweet Potato Cups from What Great Grandma Ate
  3. Breakfast Pumpkin Custard (Paleo/Whole30) from Louisiana Bride
  4. Whole30 Breakfast Hash from little coconutty
  5. Easy Apple Cinnamon Paleo Hot Cereal (Whole30, Vegan)  from Paleo Running Momma
  6. Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Bake from Wholesomelicious
  7. Easy Grain Free Cinnamon Date Granola from Paleo Gluten Free Eats
  8. Potato Avocado “Toast” with Perfectly Poached Eggs from The Organic Kitchen
  9. Caramelized Sweet Potato Apple Hash Browns from Paleo Running Momma
  10. Paleo Whole30 Sausage Gravy from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy
  11. Breakfast Bake with Sausage, Eggs, Spinach, and Mushrooms from 40 Aprons
  12. Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl from Healthy Liv
  13. Sweet Potato Hash with Sausage and Eggs from Paleo Running Momma
  14. Bacon and Egg Cups from Seasonal Cravings
  15. Whole30 Breakfast Bowl from Bravo For Paleo
  16. Paleo Sweet Potato Waffle Breakfast Sandwich (Whole30) from Cucina de Yung
  17. Warm Banana Coconut Breakfast Bowl from Complete Recipes
  18. Coconut Cashew Bars from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen
  19. Sausage Pizza Egg Muffins (Paleo & Whole30) from Paleo Running Momma
  20. Ham, Apple & Sweet Potato Scramble from Paleo Newbie
  21. 2 Ingredient Sweet Potato Cakes from Happy Healthy Mama
  22. Sweet Potato Apple Breakfast Bake (Paleo & Whole30) from Paleo Running Momma
  23. Healthy 3 Ingredient Banana Breakfast Smoothie from Big Man’s World
  24. Dairy Free Frittata from Bravo For Paleo
  25. Avocado Baked Egg from Six Sisters Stuff
  26. Sweet Potato & Bacon Breakfast Fritters from Paleo Newbie
  27. Whole 30 Breakfast Burrito from Cooking with Curls
  28. Cinnamon Apple Grain-Free Breakfast Porridge (Dairy-Free) from Nourishing Home
  29. “Bacon Burger & Fries” Paleo Breakfast Bake (Whole30) from Paleo Running Momma
  30. Paleo & Whole30 Mocha Latte from Farmstead Chic
  31. Banana Muffins from Thank You Honey
  32. Paleo Twice Baked Breakfast Sweet Potatoes from Plaid and Paleo
  33. Banana Chia Pudding from Our Paleo Life
  34. Bacon & Avocado “Sandwiches” from FITBOMB
  35. Roasted Carrot Hash with Ground Beef and Bacon from Paleo Running Momma
  36. Paleo Avocado Toast from Freckled Italian
  37. Grain Free (Whole 30) “Oatmeal” from Something Swanky
  38. Oatless Oatmeal from Peanut Butter Fingers
  39. Paleo Eggs in Hell from Wicked Spatula
  40. Paleo & Whole30 Cinnamon Vanilla Latte from Farmstead Chic

    Lunch Whole30 Recipes


  41. Blackened Chicken and Avocado Salad from North South Blonde
  42. Avocado Egg Salad (Mayo Free) from The Roasted Root
  43. Paleo Whole30 Chicken Salad from Jays Baking Me Crazy
  44. Greek Chicken Salad (Paleo, Whole30 Compliant) from The Pinning Mama
  45. Taco Salad with Creamy Cilantro Dressing (Whole30) from Worth Cooking
  46. Paleo Balance Bowl from Little Bits of
  47. Ranch Chicken Salad (Paleo- Whole30 Compliant) from The Pinning Mama
  48. Whole 30 Wedge Salad from Cooking with Curls
  49. Paleo Chicken Cobb Salad with Buffalo Ranch (Whole30) from Paleo Running Momma
  50. Turkey Avocado BLT Salad PinkWhen
  51. Harvest Tuna Salad from Little Bits of
  52. Barbecue Chicken Salad from The Pinning Mama
  53. Grilled Salmon Cobb Salad {Whole 30} from Fashionable Foods
  54. Awesome Bacon Apple Chicken Salad from Today’s Mama
  55. Whole30 Egg Roll in a Bowl with Creamy Chili Sauce (Paleo) from 40 Aprons
  56. Greek Kale Salad with Avocado from The Real Food Dietitians
  57. Ranch Chicken Salad from The Pinning Mama
  58. Asian Chicken Chopped Salad (Whole30 Paleo) from Tastythin
  59. Sweet Potato & Pineapple Beef Bowls with Mango Avocado Salsa from Real Food Whole Life
  60. Whole30 Steak Salad Steakhouse Style from 40 Aprons
  61. Grilled Chicken BLT Salad with Peppercorn Ranch (Paleo & Whole30) from Paleo Running Momma

    Other Lunch Whole30 Recipes

  62. Paleo Whole30 Chicken Tenders from Jays Baking Me Crazy
  63. Whole30 Instant Pot Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from 40 Aprons
  64. Creamy Whole30 Avocado Tuna Boats from Paleo Gluten Free Eats
  65. Avocado + Dijon Turkey Burgers from My Healthyish Life
  66. California Turkey Bacon Lettuce Wraps with Basil Mayo from Iowa Girl Eats
  67. Turkey Salad Wrap from Stay Fit Mom
  68. Whole30 Lettuce Wraps – PF Changs Recipe from 40 Aprons
  69. “Breaded” Paleo Chicken Cutlets (Whole30) from Paleo Running Momma

    Soup Whole30 Recipes

  70. Paleo Roasted Butternut Squash Soup from Tastes Lovely
  71. Zuppa Toscana, Potato Soup with Kale from Farmstead Chic
  72. Tomato Basil Bisque with Italian Meatballs from Physical Kitchness
  73. Whole30 Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla-less Soup from 40 Aprons
  74. Paleo Creamy Potato Leek Soup from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy
  75. Instant Pot Hamburger Soup (Whole30, Paleo) from Tasty Thin
  76. Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup (Paleo, Whole30) from Real Simple Good
  77. Paleo Whole30 Chicken Pot Pie Soup from Jays Baking Me Crazy
  78. Creamy Potato and Ham Soup from The Real Food Dietitians
  79. Whole30 Creamy Taco Soup from The Movement Menu
  80. Lemon Chicken Soup with Cauliflower Rice from A Saucy Kitchen
  81. Paleo Creamy Chicken Tomato Soup from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy
  82. Cheesy Vegan Cauliflower Potato Soup from Diary of an Ex-Sloth
  83. Paleo & Whole30 Cabbage Beef Soup from Farmstead Chic
  84. Roasted Red Pepper Bisque with Shrimp from Cotter Crunch
  85. Paleo Creamy Chicken Tomato Soup from Jays Baking Me Crazy

    Dinner Whole30 Recipes


  86. Creamy Sun-dried Tomato Paleo Baked Chicken Thighs from My Natural Family
  87. Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili from The Real Food Dietitians
  88. Lemon Chicken Skillet Dinner from Clean Eating Recipes
  89. Lemon Rosemary Chicken from Bravo for Paleo
  90. Creamy Coconut Lime Chicken Breasts (Dairy-free, Whole30) from A Saucy Kitchen
  91. Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Spaghetti Squash from The Real Food Dietitians
  92. Walnut Crusted Lemon Chicken Piccata from Wholesomelicious
  93. Paleo Orange Chicken from Food Faith Fitness
  94. Creamy Balsamic Chicken and Brussel Sprouts (Whole 30) from Chocolate Salad
  95. Creamy Lemon Chicken with Sautéed Mushrooms and Asparagus from Wholesomelicious
  96. Italian Paleo Chicken Fingers from Taste of Lizzy T’s
  97. Paleo Chicken and Broccoli from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy
  98. Whole30 Firecracker Pineapple Chicken from Food Faith Fitness
  99. Sheet Pan Lemon Basil Chicken from Wholesomelicious
  100. Coconut Curry Chicken Meatballs from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen
  101. Whole 30 Curried Chicken with Potatoes from I Breathe I’m Hungry
  102. One-Pan Balsamic Chicken Veggie Bake from The Real Food Dietitians
  103. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas from Laughing Spatula
  104. Whole30 Baked Buffalo Chicken Meatballs from Physical Kitchness
  105. Mango Chicken With Coconut Cauliflower Rice from Food Faith and Fitness
  106. One Pan Lemon Chicken with Braised Asparagus from A Saucy Kitchen
  107. Cilantro Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa from Joyful Healthy Eats
  108. Whole 30 Friendly Jerk Chicken with Mango & Avocado Salsa from A Saucy Kitchen
  109. Paleo Barbecue Chicken Casserole from Jays Baking Me Crazy
  110. Paleo Buffalo Chicken Casserole from Paleo Scaleo
  111. Chicken Pesto Paleo Spaghetti Squash (Whole30) from Paleo Running Momma
  112. Easy Chicken Broccoli Casserole from Grass Fed Girl
  113. Pulled Tandoori Chicken from The Big Man’s World


  114. Spicy Southwest Whole30 Stuffed Peppers from Jar Of Lemons
  115. Spicy Ground Turkey and Green Bean Stir-fry from Slender Kitchen
  116. Tomato Basil Turkey Meatloaf from Little Bits of
  117. Jalapeño Turkey Burgers from The Organic Kitchen
  118. Easy Turkey Meatballs {Whole 30} from Fashionable Foods


  119. Healthy Beef and Broccoli from One Lovely Life
  120. Whole30 Sloppy Joe Bowls from Physical Kitchness
  121. Paleo & Whole30 Marinated Flank Steak from Paleo Running Momma
  122. Slow Cooker Paleo Cabbage Rolls (Low-Carb, Whole30) from Fit Slow Cooker Queen
  123. Whole30 Garlic Bacon Avocado Burgers from Pike Place Kitchen
  124. Paleo Taco Skillets & Paleo Taco Bowls from Sweet C’s
  125. Paleo & Whole30 Sloppy Joes from Farmstead Chic
  126. Spaghetti Squash with Meat, Tomatoes & Herbs from Fit Slow Cooker Queen
  127. Paleo Skillet Beef Fajitas from A Healthy Life for Me
  128. Whole30 Stuffed Poblano Peppers from Farmstead Chic
  129. Paleo Salisbury Steak Meatballs (Whole30) from Paleo Running Momma
  130. Paleo and Whole30 Chili from Bakerita
  131. Paleo Beef Barbacoa from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy


  132. Creamy Whole30 Bacon Garlic Spaghetti Squash from Paleo Gluten Free Eats
  133. One Pan Tuscan Pork Chops from Sweet C’s
  134. Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole from Paleo Scaleo
  135. Paleo Carnitas with Pork Loin (Whole30, Crockpot) from 40 Aprons
  136. Instant Pot Garlicky Pork from Skinnytaste
  137. Bolognese Sauce with Sweet Potato Spaghetti from A Calculated Whisk
  138. Plantain Carnitas Nachos (Paleo, AIP, Whole 30) from Unbound Wellness
  139. Bacon Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Chicken from Closet Cooking
  140. Crispy One-Pan Paleo Bacon Wrapped Chicken {Whole30} from Paleo Running Momma


  141. Lemon Garlic Herb Crusted Paleo Baked Salmon from My Natural Family
  142. Garlicky Shrimp from Jays Baking Me Crazy
  143. Paleo Shrimp and Grits (Whole30) from 40 Aprons
  144. Citrus Grilled Shrimp and Zoodles (Paleo, Whole30) from Paleo Running Momma
  145. Best Whole30 Zesty Salmon Burgers from Paleo Gluten Free Eats
  146. Sweet Potato, Kale and Shrimp Skillet from Primavera Kitchen

    Side Dish Whole30 Recipes

  147. Paleo Whole30 Cauliflower Fried Rice from The Movement Menu
  148. Garlicky Oven Roasted Mushrooms from The Kitchen Girl
  149. Sauteed Zucchini and Carrots from Cooking with Curls
  150. Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice from A Saucy Kitchen
  151. Crispy Garlic Smashed Potatoes from Noshtastic
  152. Brussels Sprouts Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette from The Real Food Dietitians
  153. Mashed Sweet Potatoes from Cooking with Curls
  154. Spinach Artichoke Twice Baked Potatoes {Paleo, Whole30, Vegan} from Paleo Running Momma
  155. Crispy Garlic Ranch Roasted Potatoes from The Real Food Dietitians
  156. Whole30 Pina Colada Coleslaw from Physical Kitchness
  157. Whole30 Spaghetti Squash with Pesto from A Family Fest
  158. Zucchini Noodles with Creamy Avocado Pesto from Eat Yourself Skinny
  159. Sweet Potato Salad with Bacon, Walnuts & Lime Vinaigrette from Paleo Running Momma
  160. Dairy Free Whole30 Potato Salad from The Movement Menu
  161. Simple Roasted Carrots from Cooking with Curls
  162. Sesame Garlic Green Beans from Eats the Gains
  163. Mexican Cauliflower “Rice” from Fashionable Foods
  164. Avocado Bacon Broccoli Salad (Paleo, AIP, Whole 30) from Unbound Wellness
  165. Paleo Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Apples (Whole30) from Paleo Running Momma
  166. Garlic-Roasted Green Beans with Shallots and Almonds from Kalyn’s Kitchen
  167. Spicy Asian Zucchini Noodles from The Real Food Dietitians
  168. Whole30 Mac N Cheese Recipe {Clean Eating, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free} from My Natural Family

    Snack & Appetizer Whole30 Recipes

  169. Paleo Fried Zucchini Recipe with Cool Dill Dip from Paleo Newbie
  170. Chicken Zucchini Poppers from One Lovely Life
  171. Paleo Pizza Potato Skins from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy
  172. Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers (Paleo, AIP & Whole 30) from Unbound Wellness
  173. Whole30 Loaded Sweet Potato Fries from 40 Aprons
  174. Baked Sweet Potato Chips from Gather for Bread
  175. Ground Turkey Plantain Nachos from Clean Eating Veggie Girl
  176. Bacon Ranch Chicken Poppers (Paleo, Whole 30, AIP) from Unbound Wellness
  177. Paleo Baked Buffalo Wings from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy
  178. Copycat Cashew Cookie Lärabars from Fit Foodie Finds
  179. Healthy Carrot Fries with Curry Dipping Sauce  from Eat the Gains
  180. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Garlic Bacon Aioli from The Real Food Dietitians
  181. Extra Crispy Garlic Lime Sweet Potato Fries from Paleo Gluten Free Eats
  182. Sweet Potato “Toast”: 3 Ways from Little Bits Of
  183. Roasted Cauliflower Hummus (Whole 30 Approved) from Hip 2 Save
  184. Buffalo Chicken Dip: Whole 30 Approved from Life In The Green House
  185. Green Pina Colada Smoothie from Kits Coastal
  186. Baked French Fries with Chipotle Ranch Dip {Paleo & Whole30} from Paleo Running Momma
  187. Whole 30 Chocolate Coconut Bites from Clean Eating Couple
  188. 4 Ingredient Coconut Lime Energy Bites from Grounded & Surrounded
  189. Raw Blueberry Muffin Energy Balls from The Healthy Maven

    “Dessert” Whole30 Recipes

  190. Sautéed Apples & Pears with Coconut Butter from Paleo Running Momma
  191. Paleo Peach Cobbler from Thank You Honey
  192. Grain-Free Apple Crisp from Living Well Mom
  193. Caramelized Banana Pecan Paleo Ice Cream from My Natural Family
  194. Easy Coconut Whipped Cream from Tastes Lovely
  195. Oven Baked Cinnamon-Pecan Almond Butter Banana Boats from Boy Ahoy
  196. Strawberries with Coconut Cashew Crumble from The Bewitchin Kitchen
  197. Fried Bananas from A Girl Worth Saving
  198. Caramelized Peaches & Cream (no sweeteners or dairy) from Life Made Full
  199. Double Berry Coconut Ice Cream from Pure & Simple Nourishment
  200. Crock-Pot Apple Butter from Fit Slow Cooker Queen

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