25 Non Candy Plastic Easter Egg Stuffers

Looking for a non-candy Easter basket alternative? Today I have 25 Non Candy Plastic Easter Egg Stuffers for you!

For the past 2 years we have been trying to have “Candy Free Easters”. We find family always buys Bean candy for Easter so we try to find non candy items to stuff plastic Easter Eggs with.

Two years ago, when Bean was potty training, I decided to stuff her plastic Easter eggs with “big girl panties” instead of candy. Since then I am constantly searching for new plastic Easter egg stuffer ideas.

Littlest Pet Shop Teensies

  • Mini nail polish
  • Fruit snacks
  • Flower seeds
  • Movie gift certificate
  • DIY coupons for things like “Stay Up 15 Minutes Late”, “Pass to watch tv show of my choosing”, “Date night with Mommy”, “Date night with Daddy”.
  • Toy Cars (You can often find mini versions of Hotwheels and other brands of toy cars).
  • Ponytail Holders (I always make a few extra sets of my Lilikoi Lane Ponytail Holders for Bean’s Easter Basket)

Lilikoi Lane Cat In the Hat Ponytail Holders from Lilikoi Lane

Bathtub Color Tabletsjpg

  • Money (coins sound fun jingling around inside the eggs and small bills are fun to save up for wish list items)
  • Beads and bracelet supplies
  • Rubber stamps (Michaels seems to often have a $1.00 bin of cute small rubber stamps)
  • Nail stickers
  • Magnets

Lilikoi Lane Robot Magnets

  • Cute shaped erasers
  • Crystals or other pretty rocks and stones
  • Balloons
  • Legos
  • Puzzle pieces (You can take a full puzzle and put a few pieces in each Easter Egg, after all the eggs are collected the family can put together the puzzle.)
  • Squinkies (I had never heard of squinkies before but now I see them everywhere I go. They seem to have Squinkies for just about every Disney movie and they are the perfect size to fit into plastic Easter eggs)

Cars squinkies

I hope you enjoy my list of my favorite non-candy plastic Easter egg stuffers. What do you stuff your plastic Easter Eggs with?

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