29 Yr. Old Single Mom of Three Builds a Tiny House on Her Own

This is a riveting story of a young single mother who was divorced and left on her own, with three young children, who builds her own tiny house.  She says she had some help from friends and an Electrician with the framing and the electricity, but she did the rest. It took her two summers to build. She said that this has strengthened her as a person and, she says, hopefully, her children as well.

In this video Kelly Lewis refers to learning a lot of what she did by watching a lot of tutorials.  I’m really fascinated by this young woman’s story and her tenacity to do what she’s done.  I’m also very fascinated with these tiny houses and would really love to build one for myself some day, although I think I would need a lot of help!  I just love the coziness and simplicity of these little homes!

Watch this wonderful video of this young lady who had the courage to build herself and her children a home.  Make sure you SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!



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