3 DIY Neon Signs That Cost $20 or Less To Make

Neon signs may remind many of us of Miami nightclubs and the 1980s, but they’ve made a comeback recently. Neon signs are being sold as flashy wall decor, headboard decorations, and even as standing lights in certain shapes.

I think neon lights look super tropical and are a great modern decoration if done right. Unfortunately, a lot of neon signs can be pricey, so finding the right one can be tough. Luckily, there’s always DIY!

Canadian YouTubers The Sorry Girls show 3 different methods for making these light up decorations. My personal favorite is the first method, which focuses on a stand-up neon sign. She only uses 3 materials to make it, and the total cost is around $20!

You can easily make the 3rd DIY neon too. Just superglue EL wire to the metal wire you bend in the first step. That’s what I did!

Watch The Sorry Girls make this awesome DIY below, and let us know what shapes or words you’re going to make!

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