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30 Things to Buy After Christmas to Save Money

You can find a lot of great deals after Christmas. Retailers are trying to get rid of their overstock, Christmas and winter merchandise to make room for new products and spring collections. These are the best items to buy after Christmas to save money:

  1. Gourmet food items like cheese logs and summer sausages
  2. Seasonal foods – ham, turkey, Christmas desserts
  3. Winter clothes – Retail stores want to get rid of all their winter merchandise so they can start putting up spring clothes.
  4. Stocking stuffers toys
  5. Fitness and outdoor equipment
  6. Throw blankets
  7. Flannel and plaid sheets
  8. Open box electronics – Many people will return unwanted electronic Christmas gifts. Open box electronics are deeply discounted.
  9. Barware
  10. TVs
  11. Electronics – like cameras, laptops, etc.  –  Consumer Electronics Show announces new products in January and older products will significantly drop in price at the end of the year.
  12. New Years party supplies
  13. Furniture
  14. Tools
  15. Toys
  16. Winter equipment like snow blowers
  17. Gift cards – Many people will be trading in their gift cards for cash. This is a great time to buy discounted gift cards. Try or You can find gift cards up to 70% off there! iTunes gift cards will be especially easy to find at discounted prices.
  18. Jewelry – shop ahead for a Valentine’s Day gift
  19. Cars
  20. Christmas Decorations
  21. Christmas Ornaments
  22. Christmas Candles
  23. Christmas Party Supplies
  24. Gift Baskets / Sets – beauty, makeup, food, etc
  25. Christmas Cards
  26. Christmas Trees
  27. Christmas Bakeware
  28. Christmas Candy
  29. Christmas Dishes
  30. Christmas Crafts

After Christmas Shopping Tips:

  • Make a shopping list and stick to it to avoid impulse buys
  • Use cash back rebate apps to save even more money
  • Check for coupons and promo codes before you buy something
  • Do comparative shopping online to make sure you are getting the best deal
  • Don’t pay for shipping. Either find free shipping deals, get free pickup or get it in the store.
  • Check the return policy. Holiday items could have an all sales final policy.
  • Think about what you actually have to spend and what you really need to buy. Don’t go into debt buying things that you can’t afford and don’t need.
  • Sign up for email subscriptions to receive extra discounts
  • Not just big stores have after Christmas sales. Smaller ones do too!
  • If you are on a tight budget consider doing your after Christmas shopping at thrift stores. They have 50% off everything sales.
What after Christmas deals have you found?

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