30 Ways to Save Money on Meat

Here are 30 easy ways to save money on meat and significantly reduce your grocery bill:

  1. Stretch meat further by adding it to pastas or rice and serving it with veggies, beans, bread, salad or starches
  2. Buy frozen meat
  3. Skip the deli
  4. Know the average price per pound for the different cuts of meats so you know when a sale is a good deal or not.
  5. Buy meat in bulk and divide your it into portions. Portion the meat a little less than you normally would (3/4 lb. instead of a whole pound) to make it last longer.
  6. Buy cheap cuts of meat and make crock pot meals out of them
  7. Buy a whole chicken instead of just the breasts and use the extra meat to make more meals (ex: chicken salad sandwiches, chicken pot pie)
  8. Buy canned meat and fish
  9. Substitute inexpensive vegetarian foods such as beans, eggs, tofu, and legumes for more expensive meat
  10. Buy a whole ham and get it sliced for cheaper lunch meat
  11. Have a Meatless Monday
  12. Grid your own meat (e.g buy chuck roast to make ground beef)
  13. Buy meat on sale (e.g. manager’s special, clearance, weekly deals)
  14. Stock up on hams and turkeys around the holidays when they are on sale and freeze them for later.
  15. Make your own marinade
  16. Shop at ethnic or speciality stores (like latin or asian markets for better deals on meats)
  17. Be aware that sometimes two different cuts are really the same exact meat, but are called different things and priced differently.
  18. Save bones to flavor soups and sides (e.g. ham hocks used to flavor beans)
  19. Know that quality of meat that you are buying and determine if it’s worth the price
  20. Cheapest meats are chicken legs, chicken thighs, ground beef, beef brisket, pork shoulder
  21. Consider buying meat from local farms
  22. Find coupons for meat
  23. Cut meat into smaller pieces (cubed, crumbled, thinner slices)
  24. Add breadcrumbs to the meat to make it last longer (examples: meatloaf, meatballs, tuna patties)
  25. Make meat an accent ingredient instead of the main ingredient
  26. Don’t buy pre-shaped hamburger patties or pre-marinaded meats. The convenience of these items increases the price you pay.
  27. Buy the family-sized meats
  28. If you really want lunchmeat from the deli, you can buy the ends of lunchmeat for a discounted price.
  29. Pay attention to the seasonal meat sales
  30. Know when the best time and day to get meat when it’s deeply discounted at your grocery store.

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