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33 Best Recipes in A Jar

Looking for the best mason jar recipes or cool ideas for a recipe to put in a jar? If you’ve not yet tried recipes in a jar, you’re about to be in for a treat. Easy to make ahead for lunch, perfect for giving a last minute Christmas gift, jar foods get creative and have all sorts of cool uses. Make cookie mix, salads and quick and easy holiday gifts. Learn how by follow the step by step tutorials. I love taking mason jar salads to work, and my co-workers always want to know what I am eating. For a quick make ahead lunch, I love nothing more.

Best Recipes In A Jar

1. Vegan Salad In A Jar


2. BLT Salad In A Jar


3. Taco Salad In A Jar


4. Chef Salad In A Jar


5. Greek Zucchini Salad In A Mason Jar


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