33 Clothing Hacks That Will Save You Money

New shoes rubbing blisters on your feet, smelly tennis shoes, your zipper won’t stay up or your zipper won’t go up? 5-Minute Crafts has a solution to all of these day to day problems we have. We all know how aggravating some of these life issues are and many of these tips will surprise you and bring  you a lot of relief!

Just a few of the great tips she shows us are:

  1. save our favorite shirt that has shrunk
  2. fold clothes to make more space
  3. zip that dress that has a hard to reach zipper in the back
  4. save a pair of shoes with a scratched up heel
  5. water proof tennis shoes
  6. cover up paint spots on our favorite black shirt
  7. remove fuzz balls from a sweater
  8. hang scarves to save space
  9. hang clothes to save space
  10. keep spaghetti strap tops from falling off a hanger

…you get the idea. There’s 33 hacks in this video. A few too many to list, so make sure to check out this out so you don’t miss even one of these clever tips for making your life easier and saving you money.

Easier, faster and cheaper is what we’re all looking for in our everyday life, right? I was amazed at some of these clever tricks she shows us in her video. Make sure to watch it and get some awesome ideas to make your life easier!


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