40 Adorable DIY Projects with Lace You’ll Fall in Love With

If I’m being totally honest, there aren’t many DIY projects I’m totally in love with unless they have a touch of lace added to them. So it should not come as any surprise that this particular list of crafts had me searching through my stacks of vintage lace with giddy delight in preparation for making a whole slew of them. This video goes beyond the typical Pinterest DIY decor ideas with some truly inspired homemade lace crafts.

Many of these not only make wonderful vintage home decor, but also fabulous rustic DIY wedding favors or decor additions. The lace coasters have been one of my long time favorite homemade gifts to give. They’re easy, small and everyone needs coasters! I’m also loving the idea of wrapping tiny flower pots in lace and filling them with succulents or cacti to give as housewarming gifts. I like the frilly lace in combination with the edgy looking plants as I think this gives this vintage material a more hip, modern vibe.

No matter what your taste in home decor is, there is a little something for everyone in this list of delightfully sweet DIY projects to make with lace.

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