46 Cool Cooking Tips and DIY Kitchen Hacks

Why does it seem like I am always the last one to know? After cooking for 20 years, I sure wish I had known a little bit more about these simple but amazing shortcuts and cooking tips. Thanks, Mom.. Fortunately for you, I’ve culled my favorite new cooking hacks and tips I found online so you no longer have to be in the dark about all the things you are doing wrong or not doing at all when it comes to easy, quick and awesome food preparation. Cooking does not have to be an all day affair or a laborious task, and if you use some of these tips, it can even be a lot of fun! Don’t believe me? Have you ever tried separating eggs with a plastic water bottle or hulling strawberries with a straw?

These tips plus 44 more will have you quickly speeding through your next recipe and looking forward to spending more time cooking in the kitchen, you may even have some of your friends in awe over your amazingly brilliant ways. (We promise we won’t tell, either!)


1. Secret Trick To Perfect Rice


Afraid of ever cooking rice again after too many failed attempts to get something that even resembled the rice everyone else manages to serve? So was I until I tried this cool cooking tip. Perfect rice every time. Unbelievable but true. Simply use a kitchen towel to help evenly distribute the moisture and your rice will never turn out in sticky globs or become a dried out inedible failure. You can really quit serving pasta and start serving rice again!


2. Freeze Wine Cubes For Cooking


Coolest Cooking Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Easy Meal Prep, Recipe Shortcuts and Quick Ideas for Food | Freeze Wine Cubes For Cooking | http://cooking-tips-diy-kitchen-hacks


Some of the best ideas are simple, and this holds true when it comes to cooking, too.If you are a food snob like me and a purist when it comes to the kitchen, you will not find yourself ever using cooking wine in your recipes. Cooking wine is far too salty, and generally speaking just an all around a bad idea. However, buying a whole bottle of wine only to use a small portion makes no sense, either.This kitchen tipĀ is so simple I am embarrassed not to have thought of it myself. Have left over wine you purchased for cooking? Freeze it so you can use the individual cubes in sauces, stews and marinades.

3. Make Perfect Crispy Bacon in the Oven


Coolest Cooking Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Easy Meal Prep, Recipe Shortcuts and Quick Ideas for Food | Make Perfect Crispy Bacon in the Oven | http://cooking-tips-diy-kitchen-hacks


M-m-m-m, bacon. If you love bacon, but dread the amount of time it takes to cook, the mess it makes and the difficulty in getting it evenly cooked, you will absolutely love this cooking method for bacon.Just like grandma used to make but about 100 times easier. This bacon is flatter and prettier, too, if you are into that sort of thing. Although bacon is just never going to be good for you, I like to believe this method is a lit a tiny bitĀ healthier than traditional pan fried version.


4. Keep Lemons Fresh Longer


Coolest Cooking Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Easy Meal Prep, Recipe Shortcuts and Quick Ideas for Food | Keep Lemons Fresh Longer | http://cooking-tips-diy-kitchen-hacks


5. Separate Egg Yolks With A Water Bottle

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