5 Minute DIY Home Decor Ideas That Are Actually Really Cool (and Totally Doable)

Love looking at all of the amazing DIY home decor ideas on Pinterest but quickly realize most of the great ones take hours or even days to complete, if even ever possible to achieve the same result as the project pictured? I just found a cool list of DIY ideas that only take minutes, and most of them are really impressive. I just don’t understand who comes up with these ideas, but that is another story. No matter if you are lacking tons of creativity or artistic talent, these simple DIY ideas are absolutely doable by the commoner that is not a craft pro.

My first project to try was the watercolor pillow and my sofa has never looked better. These colorful pillows were so easy to make, I am thinking to do another set for my bedroom soon. Then, the Sharpie wall art ideas is just brilliantly easy and impressive, too. I had no idea you could add alcohol to Sharpie to get such an artistic effect. With 23 other ideas to check out after this, you are sure to find several to try out this weekend, and since they only take minutes, you could actually pull off doing all of them in one weekend. If that is not impressive, to be able to decorate your house with 25 new crafty creations, I am just not sure what is!

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