5 Things Every Blogger Should Have On Their Business Cards- Going to BlogHer!

This past November I sat The Hubs down for a serious conversation. “There is a blog conference that I really want to go to. It’s called Blog Her. It’s happening in July 2014. Can I go?”

“Sure. Go for it,” The Hubs said, though I could tell he wasn’t really processing or paying attention to what I was saying.

“The conference is in San Jose. I’d be gone for almost a week. Tickets are $250,” I added to the conversation. Now I had caught his attention…

“Do you think it would be beneficial for the blog?” He asked.

“Definitely. Should I come up with a list of what I think I could accomplish during my trip?” I asked.

“Nope. If you think it is a good thing for the blog, then it’s a good thing for us. We’ll sort out the details and make it work. Go ahead and buy your ticket.”

Once again I was counting my blessings and so grateful to have a husband who believes in me and is willing to make sacrifices to help me reach my dreams.

So now I’m headed to Blog Her. It’s 5 months away, but I know that time is going to fly by. I’m already starting to prepare for my trip and one thing that is front and center in my mind is my business cards. Blog conferences are all about networking, first impressions and making those you meet remember you long after they leave the conference. The business cards in the photo are my old business cards, I’ll make sure to share when I get new ones. 

In preparation for having new business cards created I decided to pull together 5 Things Every Blogger Should Have On Their Business Cards:

1. Your logo & blog name- Your logo is the face of your business. Chances are you put a lot of thought and effort into your logo and blog name. Great businesses have logos that are immediately recognizable. Put your’s front and center and let it shine.

2. Your photo- This is something I don’t currently have on my business card but need to add before I go to BlogHer. It makes sense. If your logo is the face of your business then you are the heart, soul and personality of your business. Chances are that your logo is what people will remember about you when interacting with you online.  If you are networking in person at a conference chances are you will be remembered by your face and killer personality. Make sure it’s easy for potential partners to connect your face with your business by having both your photo and your logo on your business card.

3. Your social media handles- We live in a world where social media rules. No longer are PR companies just looking at your blog statistics, they also are paying attention to your engagement and social media following. Make sure that you have all of the social media handles that you actively use listed on your business cards.

4. Your name, url and contact info including address and phone number- This seems like an obvious one, but I can’t tell you how many business cards I’ve received recently that don’t have addresses and phone numbers on them. As someone who works in the PR field I can tell you that hunting down addresses and phone numbers when you are getting ready to mail a package can be exhausting. I have never had a PR company call me without arranging a phone call first, but I’ve had many PR companies need my phone number for UPS and FEDEX. Do yourself a favor– make it easy for your new contacts to send you things.

5. Tagline- If you’ve got one, use it. If you don’t have one, think one up. A tagline is a 1 sentence description of your blog and is what sets you apart from other bloggers. It will help new contact instantly know who you are and what you write about.

The goal of your business card should be to make it as easy as possible for potential partners to remember, contact and interact with you.  Following the 5 steps above and your business cards will become an invaluable networking tool.

Once you’ve had your business cards designed, you’ll need to get them printed. We recommend You Print and Moo for all of your business card needs.

Tell me… Have you ever attended a blog conference? What things do you recommend every blogger have on their business cards?

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