50 Best DIY Super Bowl Party Ideas

Score a touchdown with your party guests on game day with these cool DIY Super Bowl party ideas. From DIY snack stadiums to field goals made out of empty soda cans and felt football field table covers, there are so many creative football party ideas here to choose from.

Super Bowl Party Ideas for Snack Stadiums

Supreme Snack Stadium

DIY Football Snack Stadium

DIY Snack Stadium 

Super Bowl Party Ideas for Tableware & Serveware

DIY Football Cups
brown plastic cups and a white sharpie marker

Game Day Water Cooler
beverage dispenser + twine + stencils + white acrylic paint + eye screws + scrap wood + black spray paint

Football Utensil Holders
empty cans + brown and white acrylic paint

Football Utensil Holder
foam + smooth finish + brown spray paint + white adhesive vinyl

Football Mason Jars
mason jar + white duct tape

Game Day Snack Bags
brown paper bags + white duct tape

DIY Faux Leather Football Coasters
ovals plaques + tacky glue + foam brush + faux leather + scissors + brown permanent marker

Football Striped Beers
beer bottles + white duct tape

DIY Football Drink Tub
galvanized drink tub + brown spray paint + white electrical tape + painter’s tape

Popcorn Box Printable
free printable + popcorn + white card stock

Football Party Mason Jars
mason jars + acrylic paint + sandpaper + paint pen + washi tape + wound closure strips + number stickers + whistle

Football Napkin Rings
football textured scrapbooking cardstock + thin white ribbon + hot glue gun + empty toilet paper

Super Bowl Party Drinks Tub
beverage tub + artificial turf + white duct tap and painter’s tape

DIY Football Field Tablecloth
green felt + white duct tape + white adhesive vinyl + scissors

No Sew Football Field Table Runner

Football Koozies and Coasters
astro turf + white & green felt + glue gun + white adhesive vinyl + permanent marker + X-acto knife + white shoelace

Yard Line Food Baskets
free printable + white card stock

DIY Turf Football Placemats
astro turf + scissors + paint brush + white craft paint

Football Snack Labels
styrofoam balls + green acrylic paint + tape + toothpicks

Football Pennants
white duct tape ++ artificial turf + ruler + X-acto knife + white adhesive vinyl

Astro Turf Bunting
astroturf + scissors + stencils + white paint + hole punch + twine

Football Field Table Cover
kraft paper + white electrical tape + adhesive numbers

DIY Burlap Football Coasters
burlap + white acrylic paint + sewing machine

DIY Cupcake Bleachers
adhesive + wood strips + wood dowel + clamps + brown spray paint + saw

Penalty Flags
galvanized bucket + yellow napkins + large sticker label + printer

Referee Striped Food Baskets
brown food tray + free referee striped printable + glue stick

Referee Water Bottles
water bottles + free printable + black striped baker’s twine + whistle

Super Bowl Tiered Snack Trays
glass taper candleholders + glue gun or e6000 + plastic serving trays of various sizes

Other Super Bowl Party Ideas

Football Banner
string.+ mini clothes pins + brown foam paper sheet + scissors + white foam tape

Super Bowl DIY Balloons
latex balloons + helium + white paint marker or chalk marker

Yard Line Banner
free yard line printable banner + string

Game Day Paper Chain
free printables + glue stick

Concession Stand Printable Banner

DIY Field Goal Post
8 empty soda cans + 1 full soda can + yellow and black spray paint

DIY Goal Post
PVC pipe + caps + 90 degree elbows + threaded tee + spray paint

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Balloon Goal Post
yellow balloons + yellow streamers + tape + football lantern + string

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