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50 Succulent DIY Garden Projects

Succulent gardens are perfect for small spaces. They are very low maintenance and cheap so you can give your home a splash of greenery without much effort or money. These creative succulent DIY garden projects will give you some inspiration. You can get the succulents at Home Depot or Lowes for $1.99.

To save money, you can get the following supplies at Dollar Tree:

  • terra cotta pots
  • potting soil
  • gravel
  • river rocks
  • coco liners
  • moss

DIY Succulent Turtle
hanging basket with coco liner + chicken wire + 4 clay pots + sphagnum moss

Succulent Sphere DIY

Succulent Garden Wreath
sphagnum moss wreath + succulent cuttings + floral pins + twine for hanging

Wall-Mounted Succulent Letter DIY

Living Succulent Picture
picture frame + shadow box  + hardware cloth + staple gun + plywood backing + spray paint

Birdhouse Succulent Planter

Book Planters for Succulents
book.+ parchment paper + white glue + dry moss

Concrete Block Planter

Indoor Terrarium Succulent Gardens
stemless glass + gravel + potting soil

Succulent Glass Globe Terrarium
round candleholder + ball finial dowel caps + glue + wood stain + pebbles + sphagnum moss
You can get the round candleholder at Dollar Tree

Succulents In Recycled Tin Cans
empty can + burlap ribbon + twine + gravel + potting soil + sphagnum moss

Upcycle Cans into Planters
empty peanut jars + gold spray paint + letter stencils + scrapbook paper

Cake Pan Planter
cake pan + gravel + various sized pillar candles + potting soil

DIY Mason Jar Succulent Pots
jars + sanding sponge + foam brushes + chalky paint

Blue Ombre Dip Dye
ceramic pots + tumble tie dye

DIY Mini Spring Succulent Planters
marble hexagon tile  + large plastic easter eggs + gold leaf pen  + glue gun

Succulent Eggshell Centerpiece
potting mix + 12 eggshells + ceramic egg crate

$2 Thrifted Brass Light Fixture Turned Glam Terrarium

Glass Terrariums
glass + glass cutter  + copper foil  + E6000 glue  + sand paper

Smiling DIY Succulent Planters
ceramic tea cups + square flower pots + acrylic paint + paint markers

Succulent Bookends
cylinder vase + cylinder candleholder + river rocks + succulents
You can get the vase, candleholder and rocks at Dollar Tree

Succulent Tiered Ceramic Bowls
ceramic bowls + glass pillar candleholder + potting soil + pebbles + fake succulent

Dollar Store Succulent Jars
jelly jars + chalk paint + succulents

DIY Toy Elephant Succulent Planter
hollow toy + Dremel + caulk + spray paint

Gold Succulent Vases
succulents +  painter’s tape + gold spray paint + cups

Gold Leaf Succulent Planter Pots
small terra cotta pots + painters tape + white and gold spray paint + river rocks

Brass Succulent Planter
PVC sewage drain caps + drill  + aluminum sheeting + permanent spray adhesive

Flower Pot Makeover
dollar tree flower pots + rope

DIY Sisal Rope Planters
sisal rope + terra cotta pots + terra cotta saucers + metallic spray paint + Valspar brown paint  + FrogTape + glue gun

Rustic Succulent DIY Pots
terra cotta pots + white and aqua acrylic paint + twine + succulents + potting soil

DIY Seashell Planter
terra cotta pots  + scallop shells + glue gun
You can get everything but the succulents at Dollar Tree

Driftwood Succulent Planter
driftwood + plastic sheeting + gravel + reindeer moss

Clam Shell Planter

Conch Planter

Lace Succulent DIY Pots
lace + glue + terra cotta pots

DIY Macrame Plant Hangers
cotton cord + wood beads + gold key chain + drill

$10 Succulent DIY Frame
black spray paint + 1x3x6 board + drill + nails + sandpaper + succulents + mason jars + twine

Kitchen Succulents

Marble Succulent DIY Planter
planter box + marble foil + mod podge

Coffee Pot Planter
Mini coffee pot + sand + moss + river rocks + accents

Pine Cone Succulent Planters
pine cone + spray adhesive + sphagnum moss + twine + sturdy cup

Framed Succulents
mirror frame + chicken wire + spray paint + terra cotta pots + twine for tying the pots to the wire

Mini Succulent Planters
votive holders ($0.50 Ikea) +  craft paint + Sharpies

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