65 Best DIY Halloween Props

Give your neighbors a spook with these creepy and creative DIY Halloween props. There are DIY ghosts, zombies, monsters, body parts and much more! Some of these DIY halloween props are super easy to make for those who want something quick and cheap and some projects are more time-consuming for Halloween enthusiasts who want a challenge.

Easy Packing Tape Ghost from Crazy Green Thumbs

Chicken Wire Ghost from DIY Network

yard ghostsYard Ghosts from Listotic

Creepy Ghosts (source unknown)
doll, fabric, fabric stiffening spray
Get a doll and drape fabric around it. Spray with Aleene’s Fabric Quick Stiffening Spray and remove doll once its dry.

DIY Chicken Wire Cheesecloth Ghost from DIY Show Off

Levitating Ghost from HGTV

The Ring Prop from Lothar’s Lair

Samara from The Ring from Pinterest
white foam head, witch wig, child’s white dress, arms from party city, old television, traffic cone, wooden stick

Lawn Ghosts from Pink Pixie Forest

Creepy Ghosts from Grim Hollow Haunt

Ghost in Window
No tutorial, but very cool and wouldn’t be hard to figure out.
You could use the idea down below to make this.

Easy DIY Ghost from Pinterest
foam head, tomato cage, night gown, light underneath the gown

Spider & Monster Halloween Props

Giant Spider (source unknown)
pvc pipe, fittings, pins, foam insulation, black spray paint, pvc pipe primer,  duct tape, spray foam insulation

Giant Spider Web from Instructables

Life-Sized Spider Victim from Instructables

Giant Tentacle Monster from Instructables

7-Foot “Man-Eating Monster Plant” from Eden Maker’s

Body Part Halloween Props

Garage Door Victim (source unknown)
shirt, pants, shoes, straw, plastic bag or newspaper filling, blood
You can get the clothes at the thrift store for cheap if you don’t have any extra clothes around the house

Body Bag (source unknown)
cheap white trash bags rope or twine
Create an outline of a body with trash and wrap it up in the trash bag and rope.
(Ex: use a milk jug for the head)

Budget Bodies in Bags from Haunt Forum

DIY Halloween Severed Head from Crafts Unleashed

Heads in Jars from Homeward Found Decor

DIY Decayed Corpse from DIY Projects

Masking Tape Hand from Wholesale Halloween Costumes

Mummy Hand from Through My Looking Glass

Creepy Hands (source unknown)
painter’s tape, wire, wire cutters, paint

Head in a Jar from Handimania

Zombie Halloween Props

Halloween Zombies with Buckets from Dapper Cadaver

Acid Bath Zombie from Brewster Yard Haunt

Zombie Pallet Gate from Atta Girl Says

Pallet Trapped Door from Pinterest
pallet, red light, fake hands, shovel

Zombie Cage (source unknown)
$1 laundry baskets, zombie, floral moss, bag of fingers, tape, spiders
You can get the laundry basket, moss, fingers and spiders at Dollar Tree

Zombie Dolls from Instructables

Zombie Plated Hands from Sew Woodsy

Other Halloween Props

Trash Bag Witches (source unknown)
black trash bags, foam shapes, long garden stake, witch hat, black ribbon
You can do the same thing with white trash bags to make ghosts

Wicked Witch Legs from Grillo Designs

Halloween Mailbox Monster from All You

DIY Giant Scarecrow from Hallmark Channel

Halloween Pop Up Prop from Instructables

Monster Mud Reaper from Halloween Forum

Merlin’s Reaper Stone from Haunter’s Hang Out

Life Size Mummy from Crafty Mommy and Me

Halloween Monster from Civ’s Legend of Sleepy Hallow

Fake Boarded Up Windows from Haunted Yards

Cousin It (source unknown)
Tomato cage, grass skirts from the Dollar Store

Zero the Dog from Scrap Happens

Accessories for Halloween Props

DIY Faux Chains from Ribbons and Glue

Quick and Dirty Tombstones from Haunted Yards

Foam Halloween Tombstones (source unknown)
floral Styrofoam sheet +  knife + marker + black spray paint + dark gray and white acrylic paint

Cardboard Tombstones from eHow

$20 DIY Fog Machine from TeeDiddlyDee

Water Only Fog Machine from Instructables

Bed and Breakfast Halloween Sign from BHG.com

Floating Candles (source unknown)
Tip: instead of cutting out foam to look like candle wax, use a hot glue gun to put the wax design on each candle

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