8 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look 10 Years Older Than You Are…

The last thing I want is a hairstyle that makes me look older! My daughter thought I’d never cut my long hair, and, at the time, I wouldn’t listen to her. I wore my hair past my waist until I was 58 yrs old and called it my “mane”. What I didn’t know was that it was dragging me down, causing me to look older than I was.

I went to a baby shower and there was a woman there who was approximately my age and she had long bleached hair. It suddenly occurred to me that if mine looked anything like this I would be horrified! I went home after that baby shower and cut 6″ off my hair immediately! That sure got the message to me…loud and clear!

After getting used to my hair being 6″ shorter, I became more willing to go in and get a shorter hairstyle. After I got it cut into a bob that was just above my shoulders, everyone I’d run into told me the hairstyle knocked 10 yrs off of me! Now THAT’S what I want to hear! Since then, I have been going in regularly to maintain my beautiful shorter hairstyle!

Watch this video by The List and they make suggestions on what looks are best for you and why. And…don’t be afraid to look younger!

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