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80 Best DIY Raised Garden Beds

Choose from more than 80 of these DIY Raised Garden Beds. There are garden ideas for every budget, skill level and time frame. From cheap and easy to more complex and time consuming raised garden beds, there is something for everyone.

Before you begin, I recommend reading this guide for how to build a raised garden. It discusses all the steps: planning, building and planting a raised garden bed. This basic guide to raised garden beds is also very helpful because it explores what to plant, when to plant, tending and watering information that will help make your garden a success! Both of these resources are especially great for beginners.

DIY Raised Garden Beds

Pallet Garden from Bright Nest

$35 DIY Raised Bed Garden from Queen Bee Coupons

Patio Raised Garden Bed from Unskinny Boppy

Raised Garden Box from One Little Project

Cinderblock Raised Garden from I Save A to Z

Retaining Wall Block Raised Garden Bed from Pet Scribbles

Simple Raised Garden Bed Boxes from Frugal Family Times

Used Tire Raised Garden Bed from Instructables

Elevated Garden from Addicted 2 Decorating

Reclaimed Wood Raised Garden Beds from Instructables

Thirty Minute Thirty Dollar Raised Bed from Five Little Homesteaders

$10 Cedar Raised Garden Beds from Ana White

DIY Raised Bed (Removable) Pest Gate from Vegetable Gardener

$30 Raised Planter with Wooden Chicken Wire Fence from Remove and Replace

Kiddie Pool Garden from The Spruce

Terra Cotta Pipes Raised Garden from Apartment Therapy

Log Raised Garden Bed from Organic Life

Raised Rock Herb Spiral from Family Food Garden

Raised Garden Bed That Will Last Years from Joyfully Growing

Strawberry Pallet Planter from Lovely Greens

Pallet Garden from Crafting Creatures

DIY Raised Garden Bed from Gardeners World

Self Watering Garden from Instructables

Pallet Crate Garden from Always Something

Multi-Level Raised Garden Bed via Pinterest

Along the Fence Raised Garden Bed from Loonyville

U Shaped Garden Bed from Brittney Stager

Corrugated Metal Raised Bed from MK Library

DIY Raised Garden with Trellis from Pondered Primed and Perfected

Raised Garden Bed and Trellis Combo from Weed Em’ and Reap

Water Troughs as Raised Garden Beds from Gardenista

Raised Garden Bed on Legs from Instructables

Landscaping Timber Garden Bed from Remove and Replace

Raised Garden Enclosure from Ana White

Three Tiered, Raised Garden Box from Real World Survivors

Wagon Wheel Garden (source unknown)

Potato Box (How to Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes in 4 Sq Ft) from Life Hacker

Keyhole Garden from Sow & Dipity

Wine Box Garden from Instructables

Raised and Enclosed Garden Bed (source unknown)

Raised Garden Bed Cover With Hinges from Instructables

Polytunnel Greenhouse from Family Food Garden

Raised Garden Bed from A Taste of the Earth

DIY Easy Access Raised Garden Bed from The Owner-Builder Network

Simple Raised Garden Bed from Good Housekeeping

Perfect Raised Garden Bed (Step by Step Tutorial) from Sunset

Gabion Raised Garden Bed (source unknown)

Raised Medicinal Wheel Garden from Cabin Organic

Corrugated Metal Garden Beds from My Crazy Good Life

Raised Beds with Benches from Bonnie Plants

Keyhole Stone Garden from Gardening Channel

Raised Planter Bed from Pallets from Instructables

Wooden Planter from Gardeners World

DIY Garden Box from The Handmade Home

Covered Greenhouse Garden from Apartment Therapy

DIY Concrete Garden from Laguna Dirt

Vegetable Garden with Netting from Vegetable Gardener

Tall Raised Bed Planter from Rhody’s Life

Self Watering Garden from Family Handyman

Raised Garden with Metal Fence from Thrift Diving

Square Foot Garden from Remove and Replace

DIY Garden Enclosure from Clover and Thyme

Elevated Garden Beds from Hammers and High Heels

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