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Diy Scarecrow Costumes 2021 for Adult + Kids for Halloween

‘Wizard of Oz’ Scarecrow Costume

diy scarecrow costume

Round up your very own Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion for the perfect quartet. If you only had a brain, you’d know this movie-inspired costume is too good to pass up. We kid, we kid.

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Adult Scarecrow Costume

diy halloween scarecrow

Take a more glamorous approach with this head-to-toe gold costume, spray-painted straw and all. Add a pop of color with a bold lip and drawn-on patches.

Little Boy’s Scarecrow Costume

cute scarecrow costume

Comfort takes priority in this toddler-approved costume. To complete the look, stick faux leaves and straw pieces in shirt pockets and the hat’s interior.

Scary Scarecrow Costume

Not all scarecrows are storybook-friendly. This masked costume, complete with a play axe, takes a cue from the holiday’s creep factor.

Last-Minute Adult Scarecrow Costume

scarecrow costume diy girl

When in doubt, throw a trusty pair of overalls over your go-to flannel for an easy costume. If you don’t have a straw hat on hand, craft your own with a floppy hat and acrylic yarn.

Get the tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger »

Toddler Scarecrow Tutu Costume

diy baby scarecrow costume

There’s something super sweet about this scarecrow! Trade overalls for a neutral-colored tutu, embellished with straw pieces and faux sunflowers.

Scarecrow Sunflower Patch Makeup

It’s all in the face: Paint an entire autumnal scene on your face with body paint and makeup. Top it all off with a straw hat to give off scarecrow vibes.

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No-Sew Kid’s Scarecrow Costume

diy toddler scarecrow costume

Transform hand-me-down overalls into a classic Halloween look by adding hand-sewn patches and a makeshift rope belt. Then wear them with a plaid shirt and burlap hat.

Mommy and Me Scarecrow Costume

Nothing’s cuter than dressing your mini-me in a matching ensemble. Find coordinating flannels, overalls, and straw hats to perfect this mother-daughter costume.

Get the tutorial at Lately with Alexa »

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