9 Ways To Create An Amazing, Stylish Hairstyle At Home. Learn How!

These are some of the coolest hairstyles especially creative idea of using dish sponges to curl your hair! This was a first for me!

This gal does some amazing hairstyles that are not only good for children, but are great for all ages. She also shows us how to do some pretty cool head wraps with scarves for adding a great pop of color to your outfits.

I think my favorite is the waterfall braid that she does. When I first saw her doing this I thought she was going to do a french braid but was surprised when I saw how she left strands of hair coming down from the braid…such a beautiful look!

I’m going to have to keep practicing the fishtail braid to get this one down. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do this particular braid so I can do it on my granddaughter’s long hair. She looks so cute in braids and I can get the hair out of her eyes and see her beautiful little face.

This is such a great tutorial and I just had to share it with you. So watch how Tips & Tricks does each of these great hair tricks in their step by step tutorial. I know that I am definitely going to put some of these to use!

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