Thursday, December 7

A Beginner At Sewing, She Cuts Her Fabric And Makes A Stylish Item In 5 Minutes (Watch!)

I don’t think this item will ever go out of style! It’s still going strong and they are so easy to make! This is perfect for a beginner at sewing, so get ready to sew your first project! And, for you expert seamstresses out there, you’ll be able to do this with your eyes closed!

It’s time to break out the scissors and sewing machine to make yourself a DIY maxi skirt! Sew up a whole closet full in a few hours! These skirts are so comfortable and perfect for a little variety in your wardrobe. Who doesn’t love a cute maxi skirt?

These are so great for summer – and the transition into cooler weather too! So you could make up one or two now and wear them into the Fall!

When I decided to make a maxi skirt I started by taking a look at all the great tutorials already about, but ended up making my own, and below is a quick tutorial to make your own.  I say quick, because it is so simple just 2 pieces of material and 2 lines of stitches and you are done, now that’s what I call easy!

Watch how Meesha makes this in her step by step tutorial and you’ll have this done in no time!





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