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Hello friends! Today I’m joining a group of fabulous West Coast bloggers as we all share our “A Day In The Life” posts. A few weeks ago I shared a post all about my day job as a Children’s Book Publicist so today I decided to share a day in my life at home with my kids and The Hubs.

I treasure weekends. As much as I love my day job, I love my family more. I always think that it’s so sad that we spend so much of our day to day lives with our work family instead of with our real family. When the weekend arrives I treasure it because it means:

1. That I get to spend time with my 3 lovies.

2. That I have time to write and get projects done for my blog.

3. That I can get all of the laundry done so that we have clean clothes to wear the following week. 😉

So what does a typical weekend day look like for me?

Friday nights I stay up until at least midnight so that I can post a link from one of my favorite articles from the week at the SITS Saturday Sharefest. (The link party usually goes live around 12:01 on Saturday morning.) I link up, post a comment and then head to bed (usually to read on my Kobo for a bit before falling asleep.)

Saturday morning my alarm goes off at 7:00 am and I sneak out of bed. Turtle still co-sleeps with us and most nights Bean sneaks into bed during the early morning hours, so I’m usually leaving a warm, cuddly, cozy bed like this behind.

A Day In The LifeI sneak downstairs, make myself a cup of tea from DAVIDsTEA and settle down at my laptop for the SITS Sharefest Twitter Party. I usually chat with other SITs bloggers (also known as SITStahs) for about half an hour and then I get ready for yoga class.

A Day In The Life TeaAt 8:00 am I meet up with two of my girlfriends and we head off for yoga class. If you had asked me a year ago if I would get up every Saturday (my sleep in day) at 7AM to go to yoga class I would say “Not on your life!” Oh what a difference a year makes. I’ve long heard of people calling yoga their religion. I never really understood it until I started taking classes on Saturday mornings with Kim at Lahari Yoga. It’s my time to connect with my mind, body and spirit. I’d much rather start each weekend off doing that now then by sleeping in. Besides if your yoga teacher was this sweet and kind looking wouldn’t you want to start the weekend with her too?

A Day In The Life YogaAfter yoga I head home for a quick breakfast and then we run back out the door again to Bean’s swimming class.

A Day In The Life breakfastAfter swimming we usually run to do our grocery shopping for the weekend. If we are organized we have our menu planning board all set for the week and our grocery list is ready to go.

A Day In The Life menu boardBy the time we get home from the grocery store the kids are usually starving so we have a quick lunch and then Turtle goes down for his nap. This lunch was Oven Roasted Tomato Soup with Open Faced Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. I’ll be sharing a recipe soon.

A Day In The Life soupFor me, naptime means playtime. The Hubs and I usually get Bean started on a project like reading or art.

A Day In The Life reading

Then the Hubs settles down to read, play a video game or heads down to tinker in the garage… and then it’s playtime for me as I get projects worked on for my blog.

A Day In The Life Sunbutter

This weekend was especially productive and I got two projects done for my blog. Keep an eye out here as I’ll be posting them in the next few weeks. First I made Sunbutter (aka sunflower seed butter) for a Sunbutter Recipe post.

A Day In The Life Laptop SleeveThen I made this laptop sleeve for my 1 Hour DIY Laptop Sleeve Sewing Tutorial.

A Day In The Life walkOnce Adam wakes up we head out as a family and take the dog for a walk. Then we make dinner, watch a bit of TV and put the kids to bed. Then I usually blog and tweet while The Hubs watches a movie. Then it’s off to bed and we get up and do it all again the next day!

A Day In The Life computer

Tell me… What are your favorite things to do on the weekend? Are your weekends a mix of productivity and relaxation like ours are?

Now let me take a moment to introduce you to a few of my friends. I’d love for you to take a bit of time, explore and get to know them all through their Day In The Life posts.

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