A Few Things & Happy Easter

Hello, Friends. How are you? To all those who celebrate today, Happy Easter! And to my Jewish friends, Happy Pesach!

Easter sure snuck up on me this year, and I’m not sure why, because when Easter happens at the end of April, I think it’s pretty ideal (especially compared to March Easters which always confuse me).

To celebrate, yesterday we joined an egg hunt with families from church. It was a bit chilly! But today is gorgeous. This morning, we started the day with brunch, then dyed eggs, and now we’re headed to church. We’ll have Easter dinner this evening, and I prepped a simple communal Easter basket for the kids — socks and candy for everybody.

In the mood for some weekend reading? Here are a few things I’ve been wanting to share:

-If you missed the news this morning, bombs at churches (celebrating Easter Mass) and hotels in Sri Lanka killed over 200 people. That’s a lot of heart break for Easter Sunday.

-Online Momming in the ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ Age.

A cookie cutter with your face on it (and over 600 5-star reviews!).

-Yikes. Some Boeing workers feel that production is so shoddy, they don’t dare fly on the planes. (NYT)

-The predator that makes great white sharks flee in fear.

In praise of doing nothing. How to turn boredom into brilliant ideas.

-An armed pro-Trump militia in New Mexico is detaining migrants at the border.

-France is opening the redesign of Notre-Dame’s spire to international architects.

-It’s been almost 5 years since the Flint Water Crisis and the city is getting a $77 million grant to fix the pipes. Yes, the grant should have happened on Day 1, but it’s still good news.

-The math of how crickets sing in unison.

-Don’t have time to read the Mueller report? Here’s an audio recording of the executive summaries.

-#Metoo blacklisting — but not for the abusers.

-The Dutch East India Company was richer than Apple, Google and Facebook combined.

-“This is not democracy. Spreading lies in darkness, paid for by illegal cash.”

Dressing like an adult.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with family and friends. I’ll meet you all back here on Monday (tomorrow!). I miss you already.


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