A Zipper Gets Stuck Or Won’t Stay Up? Frustrated, She Found Simple Solutions To Zipper Problems

A broken zipper is frustrating, especially when it happens to our favorite items. Zippers are inexpensive, but having a professional replacement can be costly and time-consuming. With your basic common household tools, you can definitely fix a broken zipper all by yourself.

These problems prevail ever since the zippers were invented and it has never changed!  Zipper problems usually happen at the least convenient times too. You go to pull up the zipper and and the slider part is attached to only one side; or you think you’ve zipped but then the thing unzips from the bottom! Or even worse, the whole zipper slider slides off entirely. What to do? I have always relied on fixing things with safety pins and generally end up shelving the garment until I am ready to frustrate myself again or take it to the tailors.

Then I stumbled onto this tutorial for fixing zippers and I’m a changed woman. No matter what issue you have with a zipper, it can be fixed! Zipper stuck? No problem! Teeth don’t close, or they pop open? No problem! Zipper won’t stay up? No problem! Slider has broken off? No Problem! If you are experiencing any of these problems, check out the tutorial below, where there are simple instructions on how to fix them. No longer shall a broken zipper mean the end of your jeans, jackets and bags! Make do and mend!

Lifehacker shows us exactly how to fix zipper issues in their step by step tutorial, so watch!

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