Add A Rich Look To Your Sofa With This Super Easy Chunky Knitted Pillow Cover!

This chunky knit throw pillow is so easy to make If you’re looking to add texture to your home this is the perfect item!

The woven look of this cover is both incredibly easy to pull off, and looks fabulous on your sofa or on your bed.

If you’re just beginning knitting, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of the pattern, since this knitted pillow isn’t done with knitting needles…she does this knitting with her hands!

This is something you would see in Pottery Barn, but the price tag is what challenges us to do this simple DIY projects and save some money!

I’m in love with how beautiful chunky knits look when used in home decor.  I have a couple of 20″ X 20″ pillow forms lying around that I’ve been meaning to make covers for…for over a year now!

So, I thought a pillow cover would be a great tutorial to post and demonstrate how easy it is to create this knitted pillow cover.  You will create a stunning throw pillow cover that will look incredible on any sofa or bed.

Watch how Lily Ardor makes this fabulous knitted pillow in her step by step tutorial and listed below is the instructions in further depth.

Here’s the link – CHUNKY KNIT IN 3 EASY STEPS (part 1 of series)

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