Thursday, November 30

Add Salt On Paint And Then Use A Credit Card In Paint To Make This Brilliant Art

This DIY project is something I’d never seen before and I was awestruck at the technique she uses in her tutorial to create this phenomenal piece of art! This is so cool, you’ve gotta watch what she does…

When I ran across this tutorial I’m not sure which thing made me abruptly stop and check it out…the salt on the paint or the credit card she used to paint the birch trees with.

I’m an artist and hadn’t see anyone use a credit card to paint with, but I think it’s absolutely brilliant!  I was so intrigued by this that I had to try this immediately.

I love the look of birch trees and now that I’ve tried this, I can’t imagine trying to paint one any other way! There are some real geniuses out there!

You wonder why she uses salt on top of her paint? It ends up giving the paint an incredible looking texture and a design forms in the paint.

Since learning about using salt and a credit card with paint, I’ve used this on other paintings I’ve done of other objects and love it!

With the credit card, you are mimicking the techniques of a pallet knife. It’s a good way to experiment and see that there can be many different ways to achieve a desired outcome.

Learn how to paint the textures of aspen or birch trees, with a simple credit card, with Amy Pearce of Her Art from the Attic. Watch her step by step tutorial and give this a try!

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