Add Some Pizzazz And Extra Clothing Storage With This Brilliant DIY Project!

This is so perfect to put in a room that doesn’t have a closet or to add some extra closet space for the clothes-horses out there. I don’t know about you, but I can always use a little more closet space!

My daughter hired a live-in Nanny and she wanted to convert her office into a bedroom. There was the dilemma of not having a closet in there so I started looking to see how she could do a make shift closet. That’s when I ran across this great portable crate closet!

I helped her do this and we had a great time. It’s always more fun when you’ve got someone to do a DIY project with and it turned out better than we both expected!

There’s so many cool projects you can do with plastic crates from the dollar store and changing up the color with some paint is such an easy thing to do, but she not only paints them, she adds picture frames with hinges for doors, plus metal that she cuts from a mesh metal trash can for the front of the doors. I just think this is so clever!

If you don’t want to cut up a metal trash can, you can always opt for chicken wire. The metal from the trash can may look a little more stylish though.

Watch how Jay Munee puts this clever crate closet together in her step by step tutorial. It’s the perfect solution!






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