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After Frying Her Hair With Heat She Tried This And Watch How She Gets These Amazing Curls!

After time our curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers start to damage and dry out our hair. This gal came up with a non-damaging way to get even better curls than her hot tools do!

Today I want to share with you my tried and true DIY curls technique. I used to always do this when my hair was really long, but I still do it occasionally with my shoulder length hair and I get some many comments. I think people are shocked when they see me with curly hair, since my hair is so straight! I used rags to curl my hair when I was a lot younger.

The thing that I really love about sock or rag curls is that people have been doing them for centuries as a way to set straight hair in curls without curlers or heat, or really anything but a comb and socks. They are easy to do and, depending on how you do them, you can achieve anything that movie star look over night! Curls are really a big thing these days.

They are also excellent for lazy-hair people and kids because all you have to do is roll your damp hair up in a sock, sleep comfortably and brush them out in the morning for curls that will literally last weeks if you want them to.

My daughter had that kind of fine hair that won’t hold a curl but her hair will hold a sock or rag curl. She’s pretty much grown now, but has never forgotten this technique and will do this when she wants to have some curls in her hair.

Watch how Nicole Sykes does this in her step by step tutorial and get ready for some luscious curls!

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