After He Puts The Stain On This Watch What He Installs Into This…(BEAUTIFUL!)

There are times in our daily routines when we wish we had one of these. I’ve walked through stores and stopped to look at one of these many times, but walked away after seeing the price tag. That is exactly why I didn’t have one…until I saw this tutorial.

After wanting one of these full length mirrors for what seems like forever, my husband and I made one. I was so tired of standing on a chair to see my shoes with my outfit. Yes, I admit, I actually did that as I’m sure some of you reading this have done the same thing, but never admitted it! I’m lucky I didn’t fall in some of those heels I had on while standing on that chair and break my neck! Needless to say, I am very happy to have a full length mirror, and one that’s so beautiful to boot! We didn’t hang ours, we just sat it on the floor, propped against the wall and it looks stunning!

After adding this fabulous mirror to my home, not only does it add that touch of rustic charm to my home, it has made a world of difference to my life. I just love it and I don’t have to stand on chairs anymore!

The best thing about it is that it was so easy and inexpensive to make. The mirrors I had seen, that are like this one, run as high as $500…I can’t believe how much they charge for these in retail establishments!

Watch how Homesteadonomics makes this awesome mirror frame in their step by step tutorial so you can have the mirror you’ve always wanted…and needed!



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