After Looking Everywhere For A Rustic Coffee Table With Storage, She Decided To Make This One (Watch!)

Building your own furniture may seem like a complicated project that only seasoned hand crafters would be able to do. Indeed, some pieces of furniture may require elaborate plans, well thought out and thorough work to complete. If woodworking is not your forte but you still want to try building something for your home, you can start with a small and less complicated project like a DIY coffee table.

We want you to try the wonderful craft of making your own furniture, as small as it may be, so we’ve selected only the easiest DIY projects for coffee tables. Choose the one you feel like you’d be able to do and give it a go.

I just adore this coffee table, especially because it has storage! Plus, it’s really handsome. I love anything that has storage, don’t you? I always need a place to put blankets, books and things. It doesn’t matter how many shelves and dressers I have, I can always find a need for extra storage. I will have this one chalked full after I make it!

ShantyChic2 has some of the greatest tutorials and this is another one of their awesome DIY projects. Watch how they make this cool coffee table in their step by step tutorial so you can get busy making yours!


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