After Painting A Tree On Canvas She Glues Buttons On The Branches Creating Amazing Art!

Buttons aren’t just for seamstresses you know. I always have a stash of buttons on hand for a variety of projects. I love using them for all kinds of crafts, they are great for dressing up little projects, and perfect for a quick embellishment.

This gal shows you how to make this beautiful button tree so you can make one for your own home. I spray painted my canvas to give it a sunset glow effect, but you can paint it white or any other color that strikes you.

She draws out and fills in her tree. Tall, flourishing, and with plenty room of growth — for tons and tons of buttons!

The buttons, the colors, the simplicity, and world of crafting all jumped out to me at once. The details of the buttons alongside the beautifully created tree is just spectacular.

I knew that I had to create a piece like this for my craft room. It’s the perfect piece of art to inspire motivation and also gives me a sense of peace.

Watch and learn how this gal with TinkerHits makes this cool looking piece of art in her step by step tutorial and get started making one for your home!


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