After Painting This Fabulous Design On A Mason Jar She Adds Something That Will Surprise You!

When I ran across these I flipped out over how beautiful they are! I love anything that’s Bohemian and these were so perfect for the outside party I was throwing!

These looked so easy! They’re basically made from mason jars, gold puff paint and glass tint paint. If you’re a crafter you probably already have these thing lying around right now! I think black puffy paint would also look very convincing as well. This might even be a neat idea for decorating plain old drinking glasses too!

These DIY Morrocan inspired mason jar lanterns are easy to make, stylish, and most importantly– fun! You don’t have to be an artist or have any kind of special drawing abilities whatsoever in order to make your very own set of these jars! I was really surprised to see how much these sell for on Etsy. I saw one of these for sale for $50! As easy as they are to make this should certainly be a big motive for doing this DIY project!

The supplies are inexpensive, and can be found at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot– you name it; a little glass paint, a couple of jars, and a few other things!

If you’re not recycling your jars, then simply get creative and reuse them. It’s a shame to see glass in the trash.

Watch how The Sorry Girls do this in their step by step tutorial so you can get busy doing these yourself!

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