Saturday, December 2

After Putting Pie Crust In A Mason Jar Lid What She Does Next Makes A Quick And Convenient Treat!

This is such a great idea! You can freeze them and just pop them in the microwave for a quick treat. It’s amazing how many awesome purposes there are for our beloved mason jars, isn’t it?

Most stores that sell glass canning jars sell lid and ring sets separately also (Wide Mouth-replacement sets) so I found it easy to pick up a pack of those and have them all ready to go anytime I want pie!

This post will show you how to bake mini pies in mason jar lids. Imagine your favorite pie, baked in the CUTEST mini version. Who doesn’t love homemade pie? It’s a delicious and tasty dessert that is extremely versatile.

This super cute dessert allows you to have fresh pie whenever you want one and I love baking mini pies in the lids. They are a great size, and the pies come out of the tins easily, by pressing up on the bottom of the pie, the flat lid releases from the ring. There are so many possibilities for the pies you can make in these!

The presentation of these, alone, is so impressive! They remind me of the cute refrigerator magnets I’ve seen in some of the gift shops…simply adorable!

Watch how HGTV Handmade does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making these great little pies! You and your family will love them!


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