After She Attaches Magnets To Her Makeup You Won’t Believe What She Does Next. Genius!

This is the most ingenious idea I’ve seen in a long time and it certainly makes things a lot easier when you are getting ready in the morning…or any time for that matter!

I just wish I’d seen this a long time ago. It would have saved me so much time when I dug through my makeup on a daily basis looking for a specific makeup item.

Why not make a magnetic makeup board! This is pure genius and it’s a great way to keep yourself organized and your favorite items on hand…literally at your fingertips!

The good news is that I don’t have hunt for my favorite shadows anymore because I found this brilliant idea and it took no time at all to do this DIY project. All you need is a picture frame, fabric, sheet metal (Home Depot) to fit the picture frame, magnets and believe me when I tell you that I love this and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

This is every woman’s dream and you’ll have to have one as soon as you see how clever and time saving it is! Now there is no reason for your makeup to be a hot mess!

Katy Legate has an easy video tutorial that will show you how to easily recreate a magnetic makeup board at home.



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