After She Makes A Kitty Cat’s Face, Watch What She Does Next And It’s Purpose! (NO SEW!)

For all you cat lovers out there, this is something I’m excited to share with you! This can serve as multiple purposes. I use mine often and each time someone sees it, they are always more than fond of it, inquiring where I got it.

This tutorial says it’s a pencil case, but I use mine as an eyeglass case and just love it! So whether you make this for yourself and/or your kids for their back to school pencil case, I’m sure that all who possess this darling case will truly love it! Your kids will surely be proud to have this as their pencil case as well. Although, this requires no sewing, I did actually sew the zipper in the cases I have made.

These are fabulous gifts to give for holidays and birthdays, so make up several at a time so you’ll have these set aside for when the time comes that you need a gift! I have been doing this and it’s always nice to have something already on hand for when these occasions roll around. My kids always need a gift for someone and these are a hit when they gift them to someone!

I’m a huge animal lover, whether it be dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, horses, you name it, I love them all! I especially love things with animals on them. I believe most of us do and I thought you would enjoy this step by step tutorial so watch how Octobo creates this no sew pencil case.



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