After She Sprays Eggs With Silver Paint Watch The Beautiful Things She Does Next!

With Easter right around the corner, I wanted to do something really special and elegant for my home. I happened to run across this gorgeous DIY project and said “now that’s what I’m talking about!” This beats the heck out of pastel colored eggs…it’s quite stunning!

The blingy eggs are super easy too.  I spray painted the eggs silver and I bought them at the dollar store, along with the glass candle stick holder egg holder and the vase.

My girls loved the glitz and glamour of this easter display. I mean, what girl wouldn’t? I must say that this is the best Easter decor I’ve ever put together!

How many posts have I used the word, “bling” in? I should look it up…anyways, it is a great word, and there are so many things you can add a little bling to!

Every season or holiday, I find a new project to use my rhinestones for! So, for Easter I thought, why not add some sparkle to some eggs?
I know this is last minute for Easter, but this really is an easy craft.

Watch how SameChickDifferentDay does this in her step by step tutorial

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