After Wrapping A Canvas In Fabric She Adds Something That Makes It Really Pop (Watch!)

I was looking for some ideas for artwork for my bare walls and ran across this cool DIY project! So many great ideas for art when you’re on a budget…why buy it when you can do it yourself?

This little project also makes for some great gifts. I’d be excited if someone gave me this, wouldn’t you? Framing or wrapping a blank canvas board in some nice fabric is an easy an affordable way to put some art on your wall and there are so many cool things you can put on top of the fabric to make it really interesting. 

There are so many cool quotes you can use to put on your fabric and you can either stencil the lettering, buy it pre-made or use a cricket to make your lettering, if you have one.

I’ve seen all kinds of things, on Pinterest, added to fabric over a canvas. A really great look is an initial painted in a color that accents the color of your fabric. Some people have added a large flower on top of the fabric….the sky’s the limit. You can just let your imagination go wild on this DIY project!

Watch how Tay with Millennial Moms does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get some cool art up on your walls in no time at all!

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