All Wine Lovers Should Have One of These Mini Wine Cellars On The Wall!

Love entertaining and serving wine? For those who have a shortage of space in the home but want to own a mini wine cellar, you can have your favorite bottles of wine in a rustic or contemporary style wine rack made of wood and metal.

This particular wine rack is an elegant and simple way to store a few bottles of wine at home. You can find a number of different wine racks. You can choose handmade or mass-produced, made of wood or metal, for wall, floor or ceiling. But if you are a little more creative, you can make a DIY wine rack. I built one last weekend with my husband and we had so much fun making it. How better to enjoy a Saturday than to get to spend the afternoon working on something for your house then getting to enjoy it at night when you serve your first bottle of wine from it. I wish we needed another one, but maybe we will just make another for my daughter.

The industrial look is a huge hit with most of us since modern contemporary decor is all the rage these days. Although, this stylish industrial wine rack will go with any decor.

I noticed that Etsy has one of these exact wine racks for $150…you can save a ton by building this yourself! Why spend that much when you’ve got a great tutorial right at your fingertips?

Watch how The Rehab Life does this in their step by step tutorial and get busy building a wine rack!

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