Amazing Upcyle! DIY End Table Dog Bed

Do you love projects where you get to turn an old thrift store find into something incredible? I do, too, and I am so excited to get to share this cool idea with you, as I think it may be my favorite upcycling project ever! Granted, I do have a soft spot for my dogs, and love pampering them, but still… If you are a pet lover or want to make something awesome for someone who is, then this DIY pet bed will blow your mind. Made from an upcycled end table (which is practically free if you look in the right places) this homemade dog bed is super creative and simply lovely. Craft away with your favorites designs and colors to make a custom bed that makes your pet’s personality and/or your home decor.

In this video, you will get to see how to paint the bed itself plus learn an easy hack that converts the drawer into pet toy storage. Learn how to adorn your dog’s bed with creative patterns and colors using only painters tape and stickers. Plus, you get to see how you can use an old picture frame to make the cutest tiny headboard ever, complete with your pet’s name, artwork and custom bling of your choosing.¬†Add a soft squishy pillow and you literally have a throne for the king or queen dog in your life.

I first saw these for sale about a year ago at my favorite happy place, the Canton Texas Flea Market (First Mondays) but I had no idea that these pet beds were so easy to make. I wish I had a photo of all the different cool ways you can decorate a bed like this. Boy or girl designs, modern or rustic, tough or sweet, no matter what look you want, you can get it. My favorites were the camouflage dog for boys and the pink and black rhinestone studded princess version for girls.The ones I saw were going for over a hundred dollars! This DIY idea, needless to say, makes an excellent idea for a craft to make and sell. Super popular, and you will soon see why.

Check out the step by step Youtube tutorial to learn how to make this amazing bed for your dog today!


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