Thursday, November 30

An Easy Idea Turns Something Old Into The Most Amazing Patio Decor

I don’t know about you, but I think this is the coolest idea! I got busy looking at thrift stores and garage sales to find my chandelier so I could create this masterpiece!  I finally found one and was elated!  I think this is the sweetest project and it makes my patio look brighter. If you are looking for something new to add to your outdoor experience now that Spring is here and summertime parties are soon to follow, I highly recommend this colorful and super creative planter. Enjoyable to make, and you will smile every time you see it overflowing with your favorite flowers or plants.

My friends went crazy over this idea after they saw mine! I’m gonna make my Mom one, for her patio, as a birthday gift.  It’s always hard to think of something to get for a person who has everything she needs, so I usually end up making birdhouses or something for her backyard. Mine only cost a few dollars for pots, then another $4 for an old chandelier I picked up at a garage sale. If you can get a light fixture that doesn’t work, who knows, yours might even be free. Mine is painted pink, which adds a gorgeous contrast to my blue and light pink decor outside, but I think these would be cute in lots of different colors, even white. People always notice it first thing when they come over, so I think it is one of my better additions to my home, and it only took me an hour to make!

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can make one of these too!

A big thanks to DIY Show Off for the use of the fabulous chandelier planter photo in this post. They have some great step by step photos for making this project, so I recommend watching the video then heading there to get more info on the making of this cool patio accent. She includes some great spray painting tips and recommendations on glue and drying times. Be sure to check out their blog site for more great ideas!

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