An Incredible Piece Of Artwork With Pebbles…Watch Happens When She Puts Them Together!

I must say that I was blown away when I saw the end result of this piece of art that she made by painting pebbles. It’s amazing what people are doing with pebbles and the art they are creating!

I’m an Artist and I paint on just about any surface, including rocks, but I had never thought of doing a piece of art with pebbles that tell a story, like this gal in the tutorial does.

There’s something about the piece she does that reminds me a little bit of Mexican Folk Art. I think that’s why I love this so much. Folk art always tells a story in their artwork.

Although, I also saw some fabulous pebble artwork on Pinterest, where a lot of natural tones were used and they looked so rich and expensive. Make sure to look at pebble art on Pinterest…you’ll be quite enamored with what you find.

One of the pieces I loved so much was of a family with the Mother and Father facing each other and the small children in between them. There was a heart shaped rock above them. It is so sweet and I’m gonna have to make one of those for my daughter for a gift this Christmas.

Watch how Michela Bufalini creates this incredible piece in her step by step tutorial.




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