And So She Makes An Awesome Unicorn Costume That Is Dynamite (Check It Out!)

Unicorns are a big fantasy animal that we all love so why not go as a Unicorn for Halloween? This one is certainly a winner! Sure, you could be a fairy or mermaid for Halloween, but why not be the most majestic mythical creature of them all — a UNICORN! This legendary animal is way underrated, so let’s give its undeniable greatness a little credit.

In addition to our repertoire of our classic looks, like a pretty spooky ghost and the classic witch, we’ve gotta add the dreamiest of costumes — a unicorn! This particular costume is one that we all secretly want to be every day!

A magical creature if ever there was one, the Enchanted Unicorn roams the moors in search of fantasy. Purity shines in this enchanting ensemble that’s spellbinding.

A little bit of history according to  The American Museum of Natural History… Did you know these unicorn stories began in ancient Greece? More than 2,000 years ago, Greek travelers told tales of unicorns living in far-off lands. As the fabulous accounts spread around the Western world, few people questioned that unicorns actually existed. Indeed, in about 300 BC, scholars translating the Old Testament from Hebrew into Greek concluded that the Hebrew term re’em referred to a unicorn. Even early naturalists considered the unicorn to be a living animal: Several ancient catalogues of animals of the world include unicorns and describe them as solitary beasts that often battle lions and elephants.

Anyway, I have a motto…Always be yourself, unless you can be a Unicorn!

Watch how she makes this unicorn costume in her step by step tutorial…

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