Saturday, December 2

Anthropologie Inspired Ring Holders Are So Darling And Easy To Make!

I think we all love Anthropologie’s beautiful things, but the prices are very high! In this tutorial by Holly Stone, she shows us an easy way to make a darling ring holder similar to the ones you see in Anthropologie, but for less than 3/4 the cost!

Michaels sells a lot of plastic animals to choose from, to do this project, and small plates are cheap at the dollar store. Giraffes are also really cute for this easy DIY project…you can take your pick!

These are great gifts and I had a fun time thinking about which animal each of my friends would enjoy. They are super simple to make, most of the time is waiting for things to dry. The animals look really cute spray painted gold and glued on small white dishes or small white bowls.

Once the animals are spray painted, you can’t tell that they are simply plastic toys and they fit in perfectly with the ceramic dishes or bowls. I did find that I liked the taller animals better because they would peek out over the bowl, if you choose to use a small bowl. The giraffe is my absolute favorite, it looks like it is sitting there waiting to watch over your rings.

Watch how easy this is to make in Holly Stone’s step by step tutorial and make up a few to have for quick gifts for your friends!



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